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Affinity Chromatography and Chemical Microarray Drug Discovery Services

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Avicor provides key technologies for the early phase of drug discovery with chemical microarrays, chemoproteomics and interaction-based HTS.

Avicor Ltd., established in 2005, is a service, research and development company in the field of biotechnology. Avicor fills the gap between chemistry and genomics by using chemical microarrays and superadsorbent solid supports. Avicor has developed a proprietary surface chemistry, which enables us to print small molecules in high density onto microscope slides, or produce affinity chromatography resin from almost any kind of compound.

Screening of drug candidate molecules

Rapid and cost-effective screening of drug candidate molecules can be achieved through our methods. Avicor can prepare custom chemical microarrays from any compound library of interest (client’s or Avicor’s diverse library). With this technology the company has opened a new market, where it provides its developed technology and products to big pharma companies and small and medium sized biotech companies. With our know-how, novel drug-like molecules and protein targets can be identified in a timely and cost effective way.

Avicor provides contract research services to all of the major Hungarian pharma companies (Richter, Egis, Chinoin) as well as US-based companies (SRI International, Ikaria) and European companies (Servier, Theryte, Solvo, Vichem).

Chemical microarrays contain structurally diverse compounds, but focused microarrays can be prepared by capturing specific inhibitors of a given protein family (such as proteases, kinases). They are suitable for a rapid (100,000 molecule/day) identification and comparative binding studies of small molecules binding to one, two or more protein targets, by using a very small amount both of the target protein (5-20 microgram) and the chemical compounds (0.1 micromol).

Chemical microarrays are chemically modified glass arrays which are suitable to anchor small molecules without a linker. Hereby most of the small molecules can be tethered without synthesising a linker-attached variant of an often complicated compound. It is a great advantage because we can avoid not only the technical difficulties of the synthesis, but the false negative results generated by these modifications: the functional group that is responsible for the effect of the compound and the group attached to the linker are often the same.

Avicor’s chemical microarray platforms

  1. High density small molecule microarrays. AviChemix™ chemical microarrays containing 9,600 compounds with diverse structures in duplicate spots. The AviChemix microarray is particularly suitable for the identification of small molecule inhibitors or agonists for a given protein target. Due to the diverse structure of the small molecules on its surface they can be used for hit identification with almost any kind of protein target.
  2. Kinase inhibitor microarray. This microarray contains 1,152 kinase inhibitors in quadruplicates. This technology was implemented together with Vichem Ltd., a kinase inhibitor company. Other focused chemical microarrays are under development.

Avicor Ltd.
Közép fasor 52. Lab. 321.

Tel: +36-30-6765 384
Fax: +36-62-546 972

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Avicor Products

Avi-Chemix and Avi-Link.

Standard Avi-Chemix™ 10K Arrays (A and B ) The Avi-Chemix standard 10K Arrays (A and B) each contain 9,600 different compounds printed in duplicate. The library contains compounds with diverse structures. Compounds were selected for optimal hit identification and minimal fluorescent characteristics (at Cy3®* & Cy5®* channels) to reduce background signals. Avi-Chemix™ microarrays from your…

Avicor Services

Affinity purification, gel-electrophoresis and protein sequencing.

Target identification Avi-Link™ columns are produced with the same immobilisation chemistry as the Avi-Chemix™ microarrays. The chemical modification of the surface allows for the immobilisation of a very wide range of compounds. The immobilisation does not require a specific functional group and can be with a wide range of small molecules. The immobilising surface is…
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