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BERNHARDT manufactures high-barrier flexible packaging and efficient equipment for filling and sealing applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

Protective bags and packing equipment

BERNHARDT manufactures protective bags and packing devices for sensitive products. The company produces high-barrier multi-layer bags to guard products against oxidation, gas, air moisture and UV rays.

Multi-layer bags are compliant with good manufacturing practices (GMP). Strong quality tests are performed along the manufacturing process and have total traceability. Pharmacopeia certification is also available.

The company has a wide range of shapes available, and each bag size is designed to fit outer containers, including cardboard boxes, drums and buckets.

Tailor-made bags are offered for dry forms such as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) excipients, tablets and capsules, with sizes from 1l – 2,000l.

Pouches and multi-layer foils for the pharmaceutical industry

BERNHARDT provides flat bottom and side-gusseted pouches, which are suitable for large containers such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), steel or cardboard drums, octabins, pallet-boxes and big bags.

The company uses high-quality, multi-layer materials, which are either laminated or coextruded films.

Up to four layer films are used, according to the required level of protection, and include polyamide, polyethylene and polyester.

When no aluminium is present in the film, ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) can be added to guard against oxygen. Four layers of polyester, aluminium, polyamide and polyethylene prevents oxygen and moisture.

The company offers laminates ranging from 125µm – 205µm, which can withstand strong vacuum and flex cracking during transportation.

Cardboard box and aluminium bag packaging

BERNHARDT supplies combined packaging that is composed of a cardboard box with an aluminium bag. The standard option is available in volumes of 20l, 40l, 60l and 80l, which are UN-certified.

The company’s products provide long-term preservation and saves space, while ensuring good positioning on pallets and safe handling.

BERNHARDT specialises in stand-up pouches for liquid products. Strong foils are sealed to ensure they have high resistance to drop tests.

Stand-up pouches optimise space by 20% in comparison with Doypack shapes, to allow more items per pallet.

Depending on the type of packaging, different quality checks can be performed, including tensile strength resistance, burst, drop, leaking and bacteriological tests.

The company maintains total traceability as each bag is marked with a unique number.

Powder-filling equipment for fluid packing

BERNHARDT’s range of equipment enables fluid and accurate packing, even for powders with less flowability, as well as a confinement system for fine particles to ensure a clean working area.

The Filldose concept offers a user-friendly interface for easy handling of the machine with high accuracy and traceability. ATEX machines are available upon request.

Sealing machines for pharmaceutical packaging

BERNHARDT manufactures manual and semi-automatic sealers, as well as custom-made devices.

The company uses impulse and constant heat sealing technologies. Vacuum and gas flushing can be achieved with a specifically designed pipe.

BERNHARDT’s impulse driver system (ID) is based on sealing temperature regulation using optic sensors. Impulse driver maintains a constant sealing quality whatever the output and thickness of the bags.

For traceability reasons, all parameters of the seals are registered and data can be exported.


BERNHARDT has developed a deep knowledge in the field of global solutions for pharmaceutical packaging and is known worldwide.

The company addresses specific needs by integrating cost-efficient and high-performance equipment.

Contact details

18 Z.I. de la Trésorerie
62126 France

Tel: +33 (0)3 21 10 15 00

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