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Cancer Research Technology (CRT)

Advancing Discoveries to Beat Cancer

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November 2, 2010

Deal Struck for New Investigational Anti-Cancer Drug toTarget Leukaemia and Lymphoma

Cancer Research UK and Cancer Research Technology (CRT), the charity's development and commercialisation arm, are to undertake a phase I...
pharmacuetical business review
November 2, 2010

Cancer Research UK and Immatics Biotechnologies Launch Trial for Brain Cancer Vaccine

Cancer Research UK and Cancer Research Technology - the charity's development and commercialisation arm - together with immatics biotechnologies have...
pharmacuetical business review


Cancer Research Technology (CRT)

Cancer Research Technology Ltd (CRT) is the cancer-focused technology development and commercialisation arm of Cancer Research UK, the world's largest cancer charity.

We offer a breadth of services and expertise – from discovery to early clinical development capability – and through our subsidiary CRT Inc, and network of partners, have the ability to source projects globally, facilitating complementary partnerships between academics and industry.

Partnered therapeutics in clinical development

CRT has an enviable reputation for the productive nature of its academic and commercial partnerships. Our partnered therapeutics are currently marketed by AstraZeneca, Schering Plough, now Merck, and a third was progressed to market by Pfizer.

We currently have more than 30 partnered therapeutics in clinical development. These agents include: Stimuvax®, being developed by Oncothyreon and Merck Serono; AG-014699, a PARP inhibitor licensed to Pfizer; and ASA404, being developed by Antisoma and Novartis.

Partnered diagnostics in clinical development include markers from the MCM protein family, licensed to TriPath Imaging (now Becton Dickinson) for the detection of cervical cancer.

Drug discovery

CRT has access to a wealth of drug discovery capabilities – through Cancer Research UK funded drug discovery centres, university laboratories funded by the Cancer Research UK Discovery Committee, and CRT’s own discovery laboratories.

Our facilities are based within the prestigious Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research at University College London and in Cambridge, with a smaller research group established at the existing Cancer Research UK institute in Glasgow.

Small molecule and biological cancer therapies

CRT’s discovery laboratories are staffed with highly experienced, industrially trained scientists who build on exploratory research to create attractive commercial opportunities through collaboration with research institutes worldwide. We develop potential small molecule and biological cancer therapies from the discovery stage as far as in vivo proof of principle studies.

Clinical development

CRT’s close working relationship with Cancer Research UK’s drug development office (DDO) facilitates clinical development of novel therapeutic agents – for clinical trials, non-clinical safety studies and sponsorship of phase I and phase II clinical trials.

CRT and Cancer Research UK have also established clinical development partnerships (CDP). This initiative targets leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and seeks to provide a simple route to progress de-prioritised anti-cancer agents through early clinical development.

Partnerships – From academia to industry

CRT has exclusive rights to develop and commercialise intellectual property arising from an annual Cancer Research UK spend of over £300 million. In addition, we provide technology transfer services, development expertise and resources to international academic institutes and funding bodies on a shared risk/reward basis.

We have partnerships with more than 20 charities and institutes globally that have sourced numerous discoveries and delivered industrial collaborations.

CRT has a large and broad portfolio of development programmes and robust licensing opportunities that continue to attract commercial partners who excel in their fields. We aim to optimise both cancer patient benefit and commercial return through licensing, research collaborations and start-up companies.

Cancer Research Technology Ltd
Sardinia House
Sardinia Street
London WC2A 3NL

Tel. +44 (0)20 7269 3640

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Top Products from Cancer Research Technology (CRT)

CRT Licensing Portfolio

Including small molecules, biological therapeutics, biomarkers, enabling technology and research tools.

Small molecules Inhibitors of LIMK1 and LIMK2 – hit-to-lead/lead optimisation Chk1 inhibitor programme – in vivo proof-of-principle Chk2 inhibitor programme – lead optimisation Novel inhibitors of Aurora Kinase – lead optimisation Inhibitors of MDM2-p53 protein-protein interaction – hit-to-lead/lead optimisation CYP26 inhibitor programme – hit-to-lead For further information about the opportunities in the small molecules portfolio,…
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Quick Contact Cancer Research Technology (CRT)
Quick Contact Cancer Research Technology (CRT)

Quick Contact Cancer Research Technology (CRT)
Quick Contact Cancer Research Technology (CRT)
Quick Contact Cancer Research Technology (CRT)

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