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CCL Label is a Global Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare packaging. With 20 healthcare sites globally, we offer the expertise, trained personnel and dedicated production capabilities to ensure that your pharmaceutical/healthcare labelling is accurate, secure and meets all FDA requirements and current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

To our customers we provide a global network of state-of-the-art facilities with common platforms, we utilise new and innovative technologies and through our geographical locations, we can offer local supply chain solutions.
CCL Label healthcare sites are PS 9000, ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and our production also complies with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Legislative, Brand Protection and Adherence Healthcare Packaging

Through our range of self adhesive and booklet labels, information leaflets as well as our applications such as anti-counterfeiting, tamper and Braille, we can provide innovative solutions that emphasise efficient user information, innovation and security.
Helping our customers to meet increasing legislation requirements, enhance product integrity and aid adherence by their product users.

Pharmaceutical and Clinical Trial Labelling and Leaflet Solutions

Our packaging products suit a wide range of healthcare applications from pharmaceutical (POM/ OTC) and clinical trial solutions to medical devices and animal health.

Our healthcare solutions business focuses on the needs of the world’s pharmaceutical industry. Our global customers recognise the value of sourcing their various labelling requirements from one accredited vendor backed by sophisticated quality assurance and security control systems; making CCL the trusted partner for many of the world’s foremost pharmaceutical companies.

With 10 years experience of producing specialised packaging solutions for the Clinical Trials sector, CCL Label has the knowledge and understanding to meet the advanced needs of clinical trial studies. Due to this we offer:

  • High quality assurance – 100% inspection assures blinded and unblinded production capabilities
  • Full documentation and batch traceability
  • Quick turnaround times for launches
  • Small and medium volume order runs
  • Total solution: complete project management support from packaging construction design plus artwork through to completion

At CCL Label we can produce bespoke or off the shelf clinical trial packaging solutions to suit study needs, supplying to drug development companies as well as contract packers.

In addition to labelling and leaflet solutions we can also provide digitally printed Case Report Forms.

CCL Ind: Securing Brands Worldwide

CCL Ind is a focused global specialty packaging company that provides superior, innovative packaging solutions to the Home & Personal Care, Premium Food & Beverage, Healthcare and Specialty markets worldwide.

CCL consists of three divisions – CCL Label, the world’s largest converter of pressure sensitive and film materials for label applications, CCL Container and CCL Tube – with over 65 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Africa operated by approximately 6,400 dedicated employees.

At CCL Industries we think globally and act locally. Our highly integrated network of manufacturing operations is well positioned in key markets around the world. We support our customers with secure and quick-to-market global launch capabilities, providing consistent quality no matter where our products are produced.



CCL Label Ashford
Foster Road
Ashford Business Park
Sevington, Ashford
Kent, TN24 0SH
Tel: +44 (0)1233 503333


CCL Label – Chilly-Mazarin
20 Rue Arago
91385 Chilly Mazarin Cedex
Tel: +33 1 6454 4141

Other CCL Label European Healthcare sites:

CCL Label – Oss, Netherlands
CCL Label – Milan, Italy
CCL Label – Randers, Denmark
CCL Label – Copenhagen, Denmark

CCL Label International Healthcare sites:

Canada / North America –
Australia –
China –


CCL Label can supply labels with Braille that coordinate with EU regulation.

Our newly developed Braille master technique makes the marking on pharmaceutical labels flexible and secure on large and small quantities.Braille on paper, synthetic and directly onto our Expanded Content Labels.


Child resistant blister pack labels with F1-F4 rating. Created to comply with the UK and American requirements for childproofing the wrapping of blister packaging.

A barrier is applied to blister pack foils or wallets with a tear strip enabling peel/push access to the tablets. Can include a glued booklet or concertina leaflet.

Information Leaflets – Outserts/ Inserts

A multi folded leaflet, formed from a single sheet for insertion into cartons or application on bottles. Small or large format with multiple fold patterns available.

Multi-ply Labels (2 or 3-ply)

Resealable multi-ply label that provides space for additional product, promotional or legislative information, without altering the look of the final product.

A non-adhesive tab facilitates opening, revealing the additional information on the inside panels.Suitable for most packaging types: flat, curved, soft tube and cylindrical surfaces.

Security/ Anti counterfeiting/ Tamper-evident applications

CCL Label offers a large portfolio of overt and covert applications and features to secure and trace your product, helping to prevent anti-counterfeiting and aid product authentification.

RFID Coding - sequential numbering/ variable codingTamper sealsSecurity cutsVOID sealsUltra-Destruct materialsShrink SleevesMicro-Taggants2D-Barcodes Secure-shift / Thermochromic/ UV Fluorescent/ Coin-reactive InksHolograms & Holographic ThreadsFingerprint CharmsWatermarkingMicro-textBio-codeBitrex coated varnish

Self Adhesive Labels – Paper/ Synthetic

Single ply, pressure sensitive label for adhesion to all packaging types.

Paper - often used for Pharma labelsRange of sizes and suitable for very small diameters.Ideal for pharmacodes/barcodes, sequential numbering and variable data.Synthetic - Clear on Clear/ Super ClearClear for a no label look. Ideal for printed packaging or visually identifying quantities remaining in vials/bottles. Fully synthetic labels also offer damp/water resistance and 'green' recycling with…

Specialist Label Constructions

IV Hanger Labels/ Multiwrap/ Traceability Labels – Stick & Lift/ Incapsule.

IV Hanger LabelsMade from high resistance material that combines product labelling with a built in hanging device enabling the hanging of intravenous packs for significant cost savings.MultiwrapThe Multi Wrap® Label provides a large body of information without requiring more space than a traditional label. The label is printed on the front and back and constructed…
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