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We are CPSL, one of the longest-serving multilingual translation companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, with a history spanning almost 50 years. We manage thousands of projects from more than 120 pharmaceutical companies and translate more than 10 million life sciences words per year.

Translation services for the pharmaceutical industry

With our global team of over 3,500 translators, interpreters, localization engineers and other qualified professionals at your disposal, led by our experienced in-house staff, we can meet all of your language needs.

Our offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Germany, the UK and the USA allow us to provide you with personalised service around the world.

Our innovative language services have been developed to provide everything you need to effectively manage your global content:

  • ISO 9001:2008 and UNE 15038:2006 certified quality processes.
  • The project manager and the account manager who will be assigned to the projects entrusted to us are dedicated to providing outstanding service and delivering your project on schedule and within budget
  • Workflows designed to inform you of the status of your project at every stage.
  • The flexibility to adapt to your organisation’s needs

Contact details:

Av/ Diagonal 177 3º planta.
08017 Barcelona
Tel: +34 902 363 085

Multilingual Translations

Best quality: ISO and UNE certificated50 years of experienceAll languagesAll formats More than 3,500 professionals at your disposal

Website Localization (SEO)

As well as traditional localization, with which your website is adapted to suit the target country and culture, CPSL can also offer a SEO localization which will optimise the content and layout of your website, meaning that your site will be more likely to come up on online search engines.
Quick Contact CPSL
Quick Contact CPSL
Quick Contact CPSL

Quick Contact CPSL
Quick Contact CPSL
Quick Contact CPSL

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