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Innovative Analysis Solutions for Data Exploration, Pharmacogenetics, Biomarkers and Exploratory...

November 10, 2011

Optimising Drug Supply and Patient Recruitment

Exploristics, the innovative analytics group, now offers a suite of state-of-the-art predictive modelling tools for optimising drug supply and patient...
pharmacuetical business review
September 19, 2011

Title: Exploristics Ltd publishes Pharmacogenetics paper in Drug Discovery Today

Exploristics, the innovative data analysis group, published a paper describing the practices and opportunities for study design and data analysis...
pharmacuetical business review



Exploristics provides innovative analysis solutions to extract information from your clinical data. We support the design and analysis of a broad range of clinical research studies.

Exploristics has unique expertise in the exploratory analysis and clinical application of high-dimensional data including biomarkers, pharmacogenomics, imaging and observational data. We collaborate with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical diagnostics and devices companies as well as healthcare providers.

Exploristics offer more than a statistical analysis and reporting service. We take pride in using our analytical skills and scientific expertise to help you make informed decisions. We aim to work with you to understand your data analysis needs and to provide practical solutions to your problems. Our service is friendly and cost-effective and our work is compliant with GCP/ICH guidelines.

Data management, analysis and reporting

We can provide the full data management and analysis service in support of your clinical studies, from protocol design, CRF design, database setup, data entry and validation to the final statistics report.

Data exploration, mining and modelling

We use a broad range of tools to extract information from data. We perform all forms of exploratory data analysis to summarise data and to detect meaningful patterns that help you make informed decisions.

We can develop mathematical models that describe complex processes or behaviours and then study the behaviour of those models under different conditions. This approach can be applied to solving complex problems that involve numerous factors or options. It can save time and money by allowing you to evaluate your options by running virtual experiments.

Biomarkers and pharmacogenomics

We are experts in the clinical application of Biomarkers and Pharmacogenomics (PGx). We help you integrate these data into clinical development, evaluate your portfolio to find opportunities for these data, design experiments, analyse data and provide information on how to use the results.

We also provide analysis support for the following study types and activities:

  • Epidemiology
  • Pre-clinical studies
  • Translational medicine
  • Experimental medicine
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • In-licensing support
  • Training, education and consultancy

Exploristics Ltd
Cromac Square

Tel: 44 (0) 2890 218031
Fax: 44 (0) 2890 218001

Biomarker Data Management, Visualisation and Analysis Tools

Exploristics has partnered with OmicSoft Corporation to supply and distribute biomarker data management, visualisation and analysis tools in Europe.

OmicSoft has designed software that is easy to use for the bench scientists, but powerful enough to be used by the bioinformatician or statistician. Exploristics offer two software packages: Array Studio and Array Server. Array Studio provides state of the art statistics and visualisation for the analysis of high dimensional data. Array Studio supports all…
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