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Farfield’s proprietary innovation Dual Polarisation Interferometer, (DPI) is an analytical instrument for label free, real time measurement for molecular systems and interactions.

DPI is designed for the combined studies of affinity, kinetics, conformation and thermodynamics. Researchers are able to investigate and understand the intimate links between the structural changes in biomolecules their functions and interactions, to an extent not previously available in laboratory-based techniques. DPI is pioneering research breakthroughs in protein interactions, lipid biochemistry, diagnostic development, drug discovery, polymers, surfactants and glycobiology.

DPI routinely and reproducibly measures the structure of a protein in two dimensions – its size and density (i.e. mass per unit volume.) The technique resolves protein molecular structures down to subatomic dimensions (<0.1Å), providing a unique biochemical perspective into the structural changes taking place in molecular systems as they function and interact.

DPI provides the capability to understand the links between structural changes in biomolecules, their self assembly, folding/unfolding, denaturing event interactions and conformational changes to an extent not previously available in a laboratory-based technique.

Farfield’s DPI technology for scientists, researchers and biophysics is advancing continually through customer collaboration. We are always looking forward to meeting the needs of the advance research activities of our customers.

Key features:

  • Two simultaneous measurements for- size, density and mass of captured biomolecules, mass and birefringence measurements
  • Automated experimental scripts, data annotation and report generation
  • Flexible temperature range from 5-65°, manual or scripted automatic control options. 50, 96, or 384 well formats – rapid transition times

Key benefits include:

  • Conformational changes in biomolecules with picometer sensitivity
  • Compare binding and conformational kinetics with unattended operation
  • Run simultaneous experiments controls – with low sample volume requirements

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Diagnostic Development

The unique combination of quantitative structural and functional measurements allows the researcher to understand the conformational changes taking place in target antibodies while they are interacting with small molecule antigens.

Farfield AnaLight® 4D Workstation

Supremely sensitive, the Farfield AnaLight quantifies real-time protein conformational changes and membrane structure, to reveal the mechanisms underpinning biomolecular interactions.

Life Science ApplicationsReal Time, Label Free dynamic measurement of conformational changes in proteinsUnique birefringence capability measures order in supported lipid bilayersAccurate real-time measurements of peptide orientation in self assembled monolayer filmsEstablish reproducible supported lipid bilayers and tethered liposomes to probe lipid peptide interactionsCharacterise adsorption, absorption and pore formation processMeasurement of Kinetics, Affinity and Stoichiometry of…


The inherent sensitivity and large dynamic range afforded by Farfield’s DPI allow the user to work with a wide variety of natural carbohydrate molecules. In addition a more complete biophysical characterisation is possible using higher sugar concentrations with quantitative measurements being determined in molecular size, density and mass… in real-time.

Lipid Biochemistry

The birefringence measurement provided enables the researcher to investigate and to understand the structural mechanisms as lipid bilayers / liposomes and proteins / peptides interact. One can also investigate how changes in these lipid structures are related to functional events.

Polymers and Surfactants

Farfield’s DPI is an enabling tool for the study of surfactant structure, polymer deposition etc. In addition, molecular mechanisms behind subsequent interactions of proteins and surfactants with the polymer layer can be elucidated.

Protein Interactions

Farfield DPI technology provide an important enabling tool for the rapid and sensitive monitoring of protein interactions, the measurement of the interaction affinities and the resulting conformational changes in the proteins.


Farfield provides a range of AnaChip™ surfaces for molecular immobilisation in Biophysics and Surface Science applications. To study structure-function and structure-behaviour relationships in molecular systems, one of the molecules is immobilised through one of a range of approaches, such as charge (physisorption), hydrophobicity and covalent chemistry. Farfield offers a comprehensive range of AnaKit™ reagent kits to ensure our customers can easily and quickly choose the most suitable combination of capture surface and linker chemistry to succeed in their experiments.

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