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HEL Group

May 11, 2012

HEL launches a new website to create a one-stop solution for thermal hazards and Calorimetry

Thermal hazards and Calorimetry is a major field of expertise within HEL and this has grown to such an extent...
pharmacuetical business review
April 24, 2012

Pushing Boundaries of Catalyst Screening and Process Development

Heterogeneous catalysis is widely researched in many industries. HEL's widening working range opens up opportunities for new chemical sectors to...
pharmacuetical business review


HEL Group

Operating internationally, HEL is a company that specialises in research and pre-pilot scale chemical reactors and systems. They provide both automated and manual tools for process R&D to clients in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as in academia.

HEL’s commitment to innovation and product development.

Established in 1987, HEL operates from a fully equipped testing facility in North London, UK with a large team of chemists and chemical engineers. Innovation and continued product development are ingrained in HEL’s culture.


Their specialist software development team is continually improving the most powerful and chemist friendly software available. Highly skilled employees, modern production procedures and technologies as well as advanced quality control measures ensure outstanding products and services.

Better chemistry – faster

HEL’s motto is better chemistry – faster; and their products are designed to enable research chemists to achieve their goals faster, more accurately and more efficiently.


The main appeal of HEL’s equipment is the extreme ease of use, modularity and the ability to obtain high quality data quickly. In addition to the strong client base, ranging from fine chemical and pharmaceutical base, HEL now has a growing client list in petrochemical and refining, including increasing numbers of users in the Middle East, India and China.


HEL Group
9-10 Capital Business Park
Manor Way,
T: +44 20 8736 0640
F: +44 20 8736 0641

Bench & Kilo Scale Reactor Systems

These based on HEL’s flexible and expandable AutoLAB system, backed-up by over 20 years experience in reactor design.

For further information please click here

Bio-Reactors & Fermenters

These are both single and multiple (parallel) bio-reactors for bacteria and cell applications

For further information please click here

Crystallisation and Particle Characterisation

These are especially important in the pharmaceutical and related industries, with several products in their portfolio.

For further information please click here

Hydrogenation & Catalysis Tools

Reactions at elevated pressure form a significant portion of applications covered by HEL products. This is based on their strong chemical engineering background.

For further information please click here

Parallel Process Development

These are platforms which can be adapted for different applications and form the backbone of many solutions in totally unrelated industries

For further information please click here

Safety and Calorimetry

These have been HEL’s core strength since inception more than 20 years ago, and they still offer the widest range of products covering each step in the process development life cycle. Furthermore, battery testing is a new and growing market inspired by Li-ion technology and in response to the huge projected growth in the demand for electric vehicles.

Click here to watch a video HEL SIMULAR reaction calorimeter for safe scale-up of exothermic chemical reactions or for further information, HEL has a dedicated website on Safety and Calorimetry, please click here
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