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Primary and Secondary Packaging Components



Helvoet Pharma

Founded in 1970, today Helvoet Pharma is a leading manufacturer of rubber closures and aluminium caps for injectable drugs, medical disposable devices and diagnostic systems.

Helvoet Pharma is the pharmaceutical packaging division of the Daetwyler holding. Helvoet Pharma is the supplier of choice for many pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Analytical services for pharmaceutical packaging

Helvoet Pharma offers analytical support in the evaluation of pharmaceutical packaging. We offer our customers:

  • Extractable reports
  • Leachable studies
  • Toxicological assessments
  Helvoet pharma

Technical documentation about compounds, our washing process or our coated products is available upon simple request with your Helvoet Pharma representative.

Rubber coated closures

Omniflex is an inert, flexible, fluorinated polymer coating for pharmaceutical rubber closures which covers the entire product surface, including the trim edge. Whether it is Omniflex, OmniflexPlus or OCP (Omniflex Coated Plungers), the chemical inertness of the fluorinated polymer coating provides a very high degree of compatibility with pharmaceutical or biotechnology products.

With the latest innovation, Omniflex3G, Helvoet Pharma has fused its Omniflex fluorinated polymer coating together with its ultra-clean FM457 compound to form the latest major advancement in rubber closure technology.

The revolutionary new Omniflex3G closure possesses exceptional properties including a rubber substrate with exceptional purity, a superior fluoropolymer barrier that covers the stopper completely, silicone-free machineability, and the highest level of seal integrity that is maintained even after exposure to ultra-low, cold storage temperatures of -78°C / -108.4°F.

The absence of additional siliconisation makes the Omniflex range the key component for biotech applications, Cephalosporines, Cytostatics, oil solutions and high-end pharmaceutical product developments. Our coated closures range includes serum and lyophilisation 13mm, 20mm and 32mm stoppers as well as a full range of prefilled syringe components.

For more detailed information about this innovation, please contact your Helvoet Pharma representative or visit

RfS and RfU components

Helvoet Pharma supplies to its customers products in RfS or RfU. In both cases the products are washed with purified water and rinsed with water for injection. When using RfS components, a very high standard of particulate and biological cleanliness is applied. The products are packed in special autoclavable bags (Tyvek).

There is no need to wash and repack goods before the sterilisation process in the autoclave or use our RfU components, where components are supplied gammairradiated. Components can be used immediately in the clean room without pre-treatment. Both RfS and RfU product treatments are based upon validated processes


Sales office Belgium
Industrieterrein Kolmen
1519 B-3570
Tel: +32 11 590 811

Sales office US
9012 Pennsauken Highway
NJ 08110 USA
Tel: +1 856 663 2202

Sales office Italy
Viale dell’ Industria 7
20010 Pregnana Milanese
Tel: +39 02 939 651

Cartridge Components

Helvoet Pharma has a proven track record in the development of sophisticated closure solutions for cartridge delivery systems, ensuring ultimate protection for your valuable product.

Elastomeric cartridge components must be capable of performing a variety of functions. The plunger, for one, is made of specialised bromobutyl-based formulations with all the necessary physical, chemical and mechanical properties to ensure safe and easy administration and a very low E&L profile. The components' hardness also ensures the maximum PBSI (Plunger Barrel Seal Integrity),…

Diagnostic Components

Helvoet Pharma boasts leading expertise in dedicated rubber formulations, specific manufacturing processes and product treatments for reliable diagnostic system components.

Precision-manufactured rubber components are vital to the safe and reliable functioning of a variety of evacuated blood collection and storage systems. Helvoet Pharma has built up unprecedented expertise in these areas and offers a range of high-quality, customised formulations and manufacturing solutions. Sophisticated designsHelvoet Pharma components for tubes and drawing needles achieve extremely low fragmentation while…

Disposable Syringe Components

Precision performance in disposable syringe components.

Billions of disposable plastic syringes and medical devices require plungers that combine optimal functionality and dose accuracy with a high level of chemical purity and safety. Helvoet Pharma's unparalleled expertise in compound development, prototyping and project management ensures these requirements are met across the line. Helvoet Pharma manufactures a broad range of precision-engineered components from 0.5ml…

Large Volume & IV Parenteral Components

Packaging large volume parenterals into vials, flexible bags and glass bottles presents a unique set of challenges when it comes to high-performance closures. Helvoet Pharma’s excellent track record is your guarantee of the best solution.

Helvoet Pharma's wide range of precision manufactured rubber stoppers, discs and aluminium seals have been adapted to an equally wide variety of uses such as parenteral, infusion and intravenous applications. Our advanced formulations and designs are widely recognised as the industry standard, thus drastically reducing the selection and validation time for your project. Custom processingHelvoet Pharma…

Prefilled Syringe Components

Developing elastomeric components for prefilled syringes is no easy task. The high demands on compound compatibility and functional performance require the most advanced formulations and designs. As always, Helvoet Pharma is up to the task.

Components for prefilled syringes must perform a variety of functions. Plungers, for instance, must not only ensure a perfect plunger barrel seal integrity (PBSI) but must also demonstrate perfect gliding behaviour in order to administer the syringe contents safely and consistently, even after several years of storage. Tip caps and needle shields, on the other hand,…

Small Volume Parenteral Components

Whether it be for powder, serum or freeze-dried applications, you can count on Helvoet Pharma components to deliver optimum protection, compatibility, safety and performance for small volume parenterals.

Helvoet Pharma produces a broad range of standard 13mm and 20mm rubber stoppers and aluminium seals for all commonly used glass vials, all of which meet and exceed the exacting pharmaceutical requirements of containing and protecting small volume parenterals. As with all our products, our small volume parenteral components are designed to ensure maximum flexibility,…
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