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LaboGene™ is a Danish Company that specialises in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of laboratory and industrial equipments in the fields of clean air and laminar flow, vacuum and cooling, and centrifugation. With over 40 years' experience and ISO 9001 accreditation, LaboGene serves the scientific communities throughout the world by providing equipments with innovation, reliability and full technical support services.

Laminar flow cabinets for research laboratories

ScanLaf represents the best in Class II and laminar flow cabinets with the advantage of low energy consumption, digital control and ergonomic design. Innovators of the first Class II safety cabinet with an electrically operated front screen, our development team continues to introduce new design features that are demanded both by safety requirements and operator ergonomics.

The Mars Class II and Mars-Pro models offer the ultimate in personal, product and environmental protection whilst working with hazardous materials and pathogens. They are employed in some of the worlds leading research laboratories both in academia, pharmaceutics, IVF and medical sciences. The Industrial ScanConstruct program offers a range of bespoke design down flow modules and enclosures for powder, robotic procedures and animal handling. Air showers and glove box enclosures are also designed and manufactured to customers’ specifications. A truly unique bespoke portfolio where operator and environment safety are the prime criteria.

Freeze-drying and vacuum concentration equipment

ScanVac epitomises the best in freeze-drying and vacuum concentration equipment, and offers a wide range of bench or floor standing units with temperatures down to -110°C. Together with accessories and components compatible with previous models, ScanVac offers continuity of service with expert advice and assistance. The well established vacuum concentrators are further complimented by the new ScanVac-HyperVap automated nitrogen blow down evaporator system, providing another dimension to sample preparation techniques.

ScanCool, the brand that describes a range of ultra freezers for sample storage, offers a choice of chest or upright models from 100l to 600l capacity. Environmentally friendly and energy saving design concepts are standard features of all units in the ScanCool range.
The ChillSafe range of cooling and cryogenic baths and circulators, with capacities of 8l to 18l and temperatures from -30°C to -90°C, completes the ScanCool offering.

Refrigerated centrifuge for the laboratory

ScanSpeed is the name that defines quality centrifuges from LaboGene, a brand offering bench-top high and low speed models with or without refrigeration for today’s discerning laboratory technician. Quality engineering, with modern designs and features, exemplifies Danish craftsmanship and innovation. An extensive range of rotors and accessories complement all models and any specialised requirements for sample separation or sequencing can be accommodated.

Cell culture and environmental chambers for the pharmaceutical industry

The ScanCell-Caron range of CO2 incubators, plant growth and environmental chambers bring a new dimension to cell culture and environmental sciences by offering innovative designs, complete sample security together with the integration of advanced monitoring technologies. ScanCell-Caron represents the best in Incubator and cell culture technology for your laboratory and research protocols.

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LaboGene Aps
Industrivej 6-8
DK-3540 Lynge
Tel: +45 3940 2566

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