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Ocean Optics

Ocean Optics is a diversified electro-optics technology company and a global leader in solutions for optical sensing – fundamental methods of measuring and interpreting the interaction of light with matter.

Optical sensing is a very effective and efficient way to analyse patients and substances. Optical sensing can not only provide you answers in real-time, it is even possible to do diagnostics through the patients skin, enabling the development of real-time diagnostic and treatment devices using light technology.

Pharmaceutical Analysis

Optical Sensing can be used to analyse pills and other medicine. Use Raman spectroscopy to identify the active ingredients or use our optical oxygen sensors to measure the oxygen levels inside closed packaging.


Analysing Patients

Optical sensing can also be used to analyse patients. Use fluorescence spectroscopy or multispectral imaging to analyse tissues or monitor health factors such as skin colour. Our wide range of products can support many applications.

OEM Solutions

Optical sensing is an ideal tool for a wide range of health care applications. Create your own measuring device specifically for the parameters you want to identify using our OEM products and components. Our dedicated OEM Engineering Team is there to give you full support to make implementation seamless.

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Fluorescence Spectrometers

Fluorescence spectroscopy is not only an interesting tool for medical microbiology, it is also a very promising diagnostics technique. We offer several spectrometers for fluorescence. Our most sensitive one is the QE65000. This spectrometer with integrated thermoelectric cooling ensures stable and precise measurements.

More information about our QE65000 spectrometer for fluorescence can be found here:

Multi-Spectral Imaging

Multi-spectral imaging is a useful sensing technique for medical diagnostics. The SpectroCam can be used for real-time analysis of the skin to measure the spectral characteristics in a 2D image. It can for instance be used for skin cancer detection, allergy tests, skin diseases and blood measurements. The SpectroCam is available as a full turnkey system. We also offer multiple sensor options and a choice of wide and narrow band pass filters for a wide range of OEM applications.

More information about our multi-spectral imagers can be found here:

Near-Infrared Spectrometers

Near-Infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is a fast and non-invasive measurement technique. NIRS can be used for assessment of brain functions, blood sugar levels and more. The NIRQuest spectrometers deliver excellent performance, accuracy and reliability. We also offer spectrometers for the mid-NIR range and we offer scanning fourier spectrometers.

More information about the NIRQuest can be found here:

OEM Solutions

We offer a wide range of OEM components and sub-systems, including the newly released STS microspectrometer. The STS microspectrometer provides full spectral analysis in an ultra-compact unit, just 40 mm x 42 mm x 25 mm, that’s ideal for embedding into OEM devices.

Contact us today at and get in touch with the Ocean Optics OEM group. This experienced and dedicated team of OEM professionals will work closely with you to make implementation seamless.More information about our OEM offerings can be found here:

Optical Oxygen & pH Sensors

Our patch- and probe-based sensor systems are ideal for medical applications where oxygen monitoring is crucial. Applications include point of care analysis, such as disposable oxygen attachments for ventilators, blood bag analysis, bioprocess control and cell culture monitoring.

More information about our optical senors can be found here:

Raman Spectrometers & Systems

Raman spectroscopy is a very useful tool for analysing pharmaceuticals. From monitoring the production process to measurements of the active pharmaceutical ingredients. Ocean Optics offers a full range of modular and turnkey Raman systems for non-invasive and non-destructive testing without the need of contact with the sample.

More information about our QE65000 spectrometer for Raman can be found here:
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