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August 1, 2012

HUPO Boston: September 9th-13th 2012

Visit Peak Scientific at the HUPO 11th annual world congress in the Hvnes Convention Centre from the 9th to the...
pharmacuetical business review
August 1, 2012

ISC Poland: September 9th-13th 2012

Visit Peak Scientific at the 29th ISC at the Assembly Hall of the Nicolaus University Campus in Torun, Poland from...
pharmacuetical business review


Peak Scientific

Since 1997 our dynamic company has reshaped the landscape for laboratory gas generators by stimulating Peak design engineers into some remarkable product developments.

These clever people not only greatly improve the performance of any new gas generators, but further ensure that well-established and much-loved products can stand the test of time.

Nitrogen and hydrogen gas generator systems

Our range of products, including small to large scale nitrogen and hydrogen systems, are smoother, quieter and more efficient than anything else on the market. All of our laboratory gas generators offer superb technical performance in the lab, and, of course, our world-class service and support come as standard.

We exclusively source robust, high performance parts, which come together in our purpose-built manufacturing site close to Glasgow International Airport, to form gas generators that ensure safety and reliability in your laboratory at all times.

Engineering service and support for laboratory gas generators

Our service and support is world class. Without fail our expert engineers fix problems at the first visit and you can find them all around the world, not that you will need them very often. Even though our laboratory gas generators take the strain in the lab, they deliver all your gas requirements smoothly, as well as reliably.

Worldwide distribution and support network

The Peak Family now extends to more than 100 members, based either in our offices in the UK, USA, India, Germany, China, Mexico and South Africa, or based as tier 2 support in countries such as Canada, Australia and Poland. Next to the immediate Peak Family, we are also supported by authorized distributors and service partners in a further 70 countries worldwide. It is with the help of our distribution network that Peak Scientific has received the highest royal accolade, The Queen’s Award for International Trade in 2004, 2007 and 2011.

Contact details:

Fountain Crescent
Inchinnan Business Park
Inchinnan, PA4 9RE
Scotland, UK
Tel: +44 (0)141 812 8100
Fax: +44 (0)141 812 8200

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AB-3G Nitrogen Generator

AB-3G Nitrogen Generator: 12 l/min @ 5.52 bar (0.42 CFM @ 80 psi)

The AB-3G Nitrogen Generator is designed specifically for use with the AB SCIEX Range of LC/MS instruments, up to and including the latest API5500. This premium model offers safeguards that are unique to Peak Scientific generators and effectively deliver reassurance and confidence for critical functions. 

Compressed Air Dryers

70 L/min – 1010 L/min / 2.4 scfm – 35.5 scfm

Peak Scientific's air dryer / purifiers enable you to cost-effectively produce instrument grade air from your existing compressed air supply.

Fusion 1010

Zero air and zero nitrogen gas generator: 0.6 L/min @ 80 psi.

The Peak Scientific Fusion 1010 ingeniously provides Zero Nitrogen and Zero Air from one system and has a unique 'rapid restart' control allowing it to be operational again after any power cut in a fraction of the time normally required. A huge benefit in areas where power supply is erratic.Fusion 1010 delivers reliable high performance…

Genius² 3010

Nitrogen gas generator for LC/MS: 64 L/min @ 6.90 bar / 2.26 CFM @ 100 psi

The Genius² 3010 Nitrogen Generator is designed specifically as a stand-alone system to provide gas to single LCMS applications which require a high nitrogen flow.

Genius² 3020

Nitrogen gas generator for LC/MS: 2 x 32 L/min @ 6.90 bar / 1.13 CFM @ 100 psi

 The Genius² 3020 Nitrogen Generator combines two individual systems with separate nitrogen outputs into a single compact unit, thus allowing two separate mass spectrometers to be supplied by the same generator with independent control.

Genius² 3030

Nitrogen gas generator for LC/MS: 2 x 12 L/min / 0.42 CFM

The Genius² 3030 is specifically designed to supply curtain, source and exhaust gases for two AB SCIEX LCMS instruments, whilst integrated quiet compressors make it independent from in-house air supplies.

Laboratory Ultra-Pure Nitrogen Gas Generator

Laboratory ultra-pure nitrogen gas generator in the NG range: 250 - 4000 cm³/min, 99.9995 %.

The NG range of nitrogen generators is designed specifically for use as make up and carrier gas for GC applications, which require ultra-high purity nitrogen for operation. The NG range is also suitable for ICP, DSC, TGA, TOD, TMA and DMA. 

NM20Z-80Z Generator Range

Nitrogen gas and zero air generator for LC/MS: 12-48 l/min @ 80 psi

  These nitrogen generators are designed to be connected to an existing air supply and can cater for the requirements of multiple AB SCIEX LCMS.

NM32LA Nitrogen Generator

NM32LA: 32 L/min @ 6.9 bar / 1.13 CFM @ 100 psi

The NM32LA Nitrogen Generator is Peak Scientific's proven solution for customers requiring nitrogen for their LCMS application. Extensive testing of the generator by mass spec manufacturers throughout the development process guarantees the best nitrogen solution for your LCMS.

PH Hydrogen Generator

Laboratory ultra-pure hydrogen gas generator: 100 - 600 cm³/min, 99.9995 %

The PH Hydrogen Generators are designed to offer a pure source of hydrogen for your GC application, whether you use hydrogen for FID or carrier gas.
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