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July 5, 2010

Synergy Wins Major New Contract

Synergy has recently won a major contract with PepsiCo to provide an outsourced sensory appraisal panel of 24 individuals.
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Synergy Outsourcing

Synergy outsourcing is a functional service provider giving the outsourcing industry a unique dual channel approach to outsourcing.

Synergy Outsourcing’s two offerings give a full 360 degree ability to outsource clients’ works whatever the situation.


This service was developed by Synergy in 2003 when a key customer needed to utilise an empty laboratory on-site. Synergy came up with a solution to utilise this facility and equipment. Synergy took over the management of this laboratory, supplied a fully managed team of scientists, agreed a scope of works and a set of fully measurable key performance indicators.

This bespoke service offered our customer a significant cost saving and was the first step in the development of our full insourcing model.

Benefits of Synergy Insourcing:

  • Reduced costs for compliance validation or method development
  • Maintain complete intellectual property protection and total confidentiality as vital information never leaves your site
  • Insourcing leaves you free to focus on your own core competencies
  • Reduced daily managerial supervision
  • Reduced levels of staff turnover
  • Improved use of your facility’s capital assets
  • A unique alternative to conventional outsourcing options


Synergy has the ability to carry out full outsourced work through collaborative partnerships within two areas of science: Synthetic organic chemistry / medicinal chemistry and in analytical / QC / stability.

Synthetic organic chemistry / medicinal chemistry

We offer expertise in the fields of organic chemistry and synthesis, medicinal chemistry, and analysis and purification. We also have access to a full compound collection containing building blocks and screening compounds.

Synergy is able to undertake projects such as hit expansion and lead optimisation. The technical and scientific expertise we offer coupled with our flexible business approach means that even the most demanding drug discovery needs can be met.

Analytical chemistry / QC / stability

We are able to carry out full outsourcing across these areas and have teams in place that can service the contract off site to an agreed schedule of works. We are able to store samples and conduct full stability studies as well as carry out full analytical analysis as method transfer / development and validation. Synergy can also offer small scale clinical manufacturing.

Our facilities are modern and fully equipped with the latest analytical equipment. We can offer simple one-off tests through to full programmes of works supporting a particular product or project.

Synergy are able to offer a unique and flexible approach to both outsourcing and insourcing, which gives our clients an effective solution to outsourcing issues and ensures that projects are completed on time and on budget.

For more information please contact Geoff Flavell-Matts (business development manager) on 07824 437203 or email

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