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TBM Consulting Group

May 14, 2012

TBM Names Carlisle Interconnect Technologies’ Tukwila Plant Winner of 2011 “Perfect Engine” Site Award

TBM Consulting Group, the global business improvement leader for the manufacturing and service sectors, presented the Tukwila plant of Carlisle...
pharmacuetical business review
May 14, 2012

TBM Names Carlisle Companies INC. Winner of 2011 Corporate “Perfect Engine” Award

TBM Consulting Group, the global business improvement leader for the manufacturing and service sectors, presented Carlisle Companies Inc. with the...
pharmacuetical business review


TBM Consulting Group

The global fallout from the real estate and banking crisis has impacted economies worldwide since 2009 and is likely to carry over well into 2012. The drop in consumer demand, capital spending cuts, layoffs, rising unemployment, the spectre of inflation and erratic equity markets has put intense pressure on margins and heightened everyone’s focus on cutting costs.

Driving Strategic Growth and Value through Operational Excellence

TBM Consulting Group founded in 1991 is a global consulting firm that offers consulting and training services to help you drive rapid execution of business strategies to achieve significant growth in sales and earnings through operational excellence. We work with clients to improve business performance by leveraging their investments and creatively engaging their human resources.


With an aging population, a growing global population, new diseases, the increase of emerging markets, and the trend towards globalization, pharmaceutical and medical products manufacturers continue to invest heavily in R&D to introduce new technology for its customers.

TBM has helped pharmaceutical, medical product and device companies eliminate order backlogs, improve quality, and increase productivity. Other challenges include: leveraging Policy Deployment to focus on breakthrough developments, streamlining the R&D process, simplifying regulatory compliance, improving customer responsiveness, freeing up capital to invest in new acquisitions, removing capacity constraints, and rapidly integrating new acquisitions. Our clients achieve significant responsiveness and reliability for customers to achieve leadership positions in their categories.


The global economic recession has only heightened the pace at which pharmaceutical and biotech companies are working to acquire new product lines, reduce costs and sustain efficiency improvements. In addition to today’s market challenges, TBM Consulting Group’s pharmaceutical clients face patent expirations, weak product development pipelines, downward pricing pressures, and an increasingly burdensome regulatory environment. they’re struggling to integrate operations and maximize top-line growth from major acquisitions. TBM clients leverage operational excellence to grow their bottom line, optimize total working capital, increase speed to market, and create significant value for associates and shareholders

No matter where you are in your business journey, there are always opportunities for substantial improvement and invigoration

Industries served: Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Healthcare, Industrial manufacturing, Transport, Engineering services, Consumer products, Financial Services, Private Equity, Retail, Information Technology and Government.

Services offered:

  • Consulting: for Strategy deployment, policy deployment, operational excellence, change management, supply chain improvement, business process reengineering, business transformation, rapid rightsizing, value chain management.
  • Training: Public training, online training and customized courses. Covering lean basics, creating a continuous improvement office, and managing for daily improvement, through to Kaizen instructor training and lean certification including LeanSigma Greenbelt and LeanSigma Blackbelt


TBM is a truly global company serving clients on five continents in many languages with 180 full time employees all our work is unconditionally guaranteed.

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Tel 01623 758298
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Lean Leadership and Sustainment

We help leaders foster a culture of change and continuous improvement through a blend of assessment-based team building and behavior coaching focused on vision and goal alignment, lead leadership skills and tools, and executive development.

Lean Product Development, Innovation and Growth

We help clients to leverage their customer-centric lean culture for market differentiation and growth. We align activities to stand apart from the competition through voice of customer, value innovation, and rapid product development.

Lean Sigma for Service Industries

Guidon Performance Solutions, a TBM Consulting Group Company, provides Lean Sigma consulting and training for the service sector focused on financial services, healthcare, information technology, retail and government.

Lean Sigma Training

TBM LeanSigma Institute builds awareness, commitment, skills and enthusiasm for your lean transformation across all levels of the organization. We offer a range of interactive lean training and lean certification that will give your business teams the tools and coaching to launch or reinvigorate a lean initiative. Our services include customized training, public workshops, onsite training, online training, lean certification, green belt and black belt training, benchmarking, and networking events.

Lean Supply Chain

We help clients synchronize production with customer demand, eliminate excess pipeline inventory, shorten lead times, stabilize erratic demand, increase on-time delivery, and improve supply chain visibility.

Policy Deployment Implementation

We provide a proven framework and web-based software tools for selecting breakthrough strategic projects and establishing expectations and accountability. Our methodology and web-based software tools can help you simplify and manage the policy deployment process to ensure effective execution.

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