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Vetter Pharma International

Aseptically Prefilled Syringe Systems, Cartridges and Vials

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July 9, 2020

Vetter Further Expands its Development Service with New Site in Austria

Vetter, a leading global contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), is further investing in additional capacity to meet that growing...
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Vetter Pharma International

From preclinical development through commercial supply.

Vetter Pharma is a development partner for prefilled syringes and injection devices for drug delivery.

As a contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO), the company’s comprehensive resources support customers from initial clinical development phases through to product launch.

Vetter Pharma guides clients through international regulatory requirements to ensure adherence with guidelines, as well as supports commercial production and life cycle management.

Development partner from preclinical through Phase III

Vetter Pharma helps provide stability to the often unpredictable period from preclinical drug development through to Phase III clinical trials. It supports partners throughout product development, including clinical manufacturing and regulatory approval.

The company also provides clinical fill/finish for a wide range of batch sizes and a variety of injection systems, ranging from vials to syringes and cartridges.

To ensure products are high-quality Vetter Pharma consistently invests in its technology and uses its comprehensive know-how in

  • Packaging design
  • Process design
  • Formulation support
  • Feasibility and stability studies
  • Technical and clinical batches
  • Scale-up for Phase III
  • Regulatory support

In addition, Vetter Pharma’s clinical manufacturing capabilities in the US and Europe streamlines the path to clinical trials, which is complemented with the firm’s dedicated project management.

Clinical batch release of compounds

Vetter Pharma manages the clinical batch release of a compound, ensuring projects are completed within a specified timescale.

The company provides early phase clinical trial manufacturing for a wide range of vials, prefilled syringes and cartridges. Flexible filling lines also allow Vetter to provide a range of clinical batch sizes to meet specific needs and requirements.

Clinical manufacturing services

Vetter Pharma provides clinical pharmaceutical manufacturing services for Phase I to Phase III drugs, including

  • Compounding
  • Filtration
  • Preparation of primary packaging materials
  • Aseptic filling
  • Lyophilisation
  • terminal sterilisation
  • visual inspection services

Comprehensive commercial manufacturing services

Vetter Pharma has decades of experience as a contract manufacturer, providing fill and finish for injectable drugs. This delivers results for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies requiring close integration of sophisticated resources and technologies.

The company also delivers high-quality services to solve supply chain challenges.

CDMO and aseptic fill/finish services

Vetter Pharma offers aseptic fill/finish services for parenteral drug manufacturing, including liquid and lyophilised products in vials, syringes and cartridges.

The company supports customers in activities ranging from development to packaging, including manufacturing services for both clinical and commercial drug products.

Support throughout product lifecycle

Vetter Pharma supports drug candidates through all phases of regulatory submission. It has a high success record with global regulatory agencies such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) of Japan.

The company’s chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC), current good manufacturing practice (cGMP), and quality assurance QA experts support:

  • Annual product reviews (APR) and product quality reviews (PQR)
  • Post-approval variation filing
  • Authority requests for additional documentation

Meeting regulatory and market demands for packaging

Vetter Pharma is experienced with designing packaging for every stage of a product’s lifecycle. It identifies and develops packaging strategies, ensuring that the material is patient-friendly, it is easy-to-assemble and has suitable safety elements to protect the drug.

The company’s packaging and injectable delivery systems can be customised to product’s specific requirements, including:

  • Packaging development
  • Printing and labelling
  • Blister packing and cartoning
  • Shipping packaging
  • Serialisation and aggregation
  • Onsite storage and cooling

About Vetter Pharma

Vetter Pharma offers a portfolio of packaging solutions from the aseptic filling of conventional delivery systems to specialised and novel technologies that help differentiate a product in the market and extend its lifecycle. Vetter’s injectable delivery systems are available in a wide array of configurations.

Vetter is a family-owned, independent company and does not manufacture its own drugs. It is headquartered in Ravensburg, Germany.


Vetter Pharma International GmbH
Eywiesenstrasse 5
88212 Ravensburg

Tel: +49-(0)751-3700-0
Fax: +49-(0)751-3700-4000

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Vetter Solutions

Vetter Solutions develops proprietary, patented innovations. The Vetter Lyo-Ject® dual-chamber syringe was designed especially for pharmaceuticals preserved by freeze-drying.

One chamber contains the lyophilised drug; the other, the solution. The drug is reconstituted immediately before application. This all-in-one concept enables longer storage periods and a more user-friendly product, as well as more accurate dosing. Vetter's V-LK® dual-chamber cartridge enables multiple dosages of lyophilised drug, and is used in pen and auto-injection systems. The V-OVS®…

Vetter Development Service

It is essential that a substance and its delivery system are optimally compatible. Biotechnology drugs, in particular, contain highly sensitive active ingredients that can interact with the drug-delivery system. Other considerations include a drug's sensitivity to oxygen or to the silicone that coats the inside of a syringe to lubricate the plunger.

Vetter Development Service specialises in taking complex compounds from preclinical development through market launch. In close collaboration with its customers, Vetter selects: The drug-delivery system that matches the requirements of the drug in development Appropriate processes, such as lyophilisation (freeze-drying) for unstable products Suitable transport magazines and secondary packaging components Special inspection devices and methods…

Vetter Commercial Manufacturing

Vetter Commercial Manufacturing serves a global customer base, including the world's leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The company fills products in accordance with international standards and handles the full scope of production, from aseptic filling to final packaging.

Vetter's manufacturing facilities are highly automated and use innovative technologies. Vetter is a leader in restricted access barrier systems (RABS) technology, used in state-of-the-art cleanrooms to minimise risk of contamination. RABS combines the functionality and stability of an insulator with the flexibility of a classical cleanroom. Laminar airflows establish barriers between staff and machinery. All…
Quick Contact Vetter Pharma International
Quick Contact Vetter Pharma International

Vetter Further Expands its Development Service with New Site in Austria

Vetter, a leading global contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), is further investing in additional capacity to meet that growing...
9th July 2020

Vetter’s High Performance is Again Recognised at the 2020 CMO Leadership Awards

A win in all six core categories reaffirms Vetter as a trusted solution provider.
21st April 2020

Vetter Provides Greater Flexibility in Secondary Packaging through Collaborative Work

Vetter's core competencies include the manufacturing of safe, user-friendly, complex packaging systems such as the assembly of pens, autoinjectors and...
31st October 2019

Vetter Works Towards Sustainable Energy Supply

Global contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) Vetter has reached another important milestone regarding sustainability.
30th May 2019

Vetter introduces South Korea’s pharma and biotech community to meet company management

In an event at its new branch office attended by key customers and business associates, Vetter’s senior management representatives presented...
2nd February 2018

Vetter lays the foundation for a state-of-the-art administration building

At a cornerstone ceremony, Vetter officially signaled the start of a project for the creation of a new administration building...
28th September 2017

Vetter and Microdermics Enter into a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Develop Innovative Microneedle Drug Delivery Systems

Vetter, a leading and innovative provider of aseptic prefilled drug delivery systems and Microdermics Inc., a Vancouver-based medical device company...
12th July 2017

Vetter and Microdermics Enter into a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Vetter and Microdermics Enter into a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Develop Innovative Microneedle Drug Delivery Systems.
1st June 2017

Vetter’s Dr. Claudia Roth is appointed to the Fraunhofer Advisory Board

Appointment will allow for active involvement within the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA
1st June 2017

New Vetter Data Processing Center is Officially Certified

IT experts of TÜV Süd, a German industrial testing organization, have certified the new data processing center at Vetter's headquarters...
3rd March 2017

Vetter’s Skokie Site Successfully Manufactures Batches on New Clinical Syringe Filling Line

Vetter, a leading international contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that specializes in aseptic filling for its (bio-)pharmaceutical customers, has...
3rd March 2017

Vetter Starts Operations in its Center for Visual Inspection and Logistics

Vetter, a leading global Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) for development, aseptic filling and final packaging of injectables, has...
3rd March 2017

Vetter announces Oliver Albrecht has been appointed Managing Director

Vetter, a leading contract development and manufacturing organization that specializes in aseptic manufacturing, today announced that the company’s Advisory Board...
13th April 2015

State-Of-The-Art Chicago Facility is Fully Operational

Vetter’s 24,000-square-foot site includes microbiology and chemical analysis labs, material preparation and compounding functions, as well as three cleanrooms for...
26th March 2012

Vetter Internationally Recognized For Environmental, Health and Safety Program

Vetter received certification for its integrated management system for environmental, health and safety (EHS). The company earned ISO 14001 certification...
26th March 2012

Vetter Packages Success with New Facility

Vetter's new secondary packaging operation allows the company to double its production in half the time.
21st January 2010

Pharma Supplier Vetter Shares Pride in Consistent Growth and International Success with Distinguished Visitor Minister zu Guttenberg

Economics and Technology Minister visits global leader's headquarters in southern Germany.
21st January 2010

Vetter Dedicates New Facility in Suburban Chicago

The new facility will enable collaboration very early in development process
21st January 2010
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