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Xellia Pharmaceuticals

Xellia is a fully integrated specialty company, providing pharma customers with APIs, injectable FDFs and recently, products based on proprietary infusion delivery (ready-to-use, RTU) and aqueous droplet inhalation (ADI) technologies. Several of the company’s anti-infectives are indispensable in critical-care practice – and for whom Xellia are the world’s dominant supplier.

Over 100 years of history in the Pharma industry

Image 1   The company is rooted in Scandinavian pharmaceutical endeavour dating more than 100 years back. It got involved in fermented antibiotics in the early 1950’s, took part in an ambitious globalization as the API-division of NYSE-listed Alpharma in the 1990’s, and emerged as the free-standing Xellia Pharmaceuticals in 2008.

Xellia are selling its products to more than 500 pharmaceutical companies in 70 countries around the world, evenly split between big pharma and generic Co’s. Products are delivered from manufacturing plants that are approved by all relevant authorities through regular inspections – and with an impeccable track record.

Facilities are spread across the Western and Asian world

The high quality manufacturing facilities are spread across the Western and Asian world, ensuring continuity of supply and a competitive cost base. Plants are located in:

  • Copenhagen;largest fermentation site with most products; significant sterile API manufacturing and finished dosage forms capability
  • Oslo (in transition); in the process of transferring products to Taizhou, China
  • Budapest; back-up site for key products; special qualities; pilot facilities; scaling up and introducing new API’s
  • Taizhou; established 2008; low cost manufacturing hub for key products

Xellia have become a one-stop provider of products and services

With manufacturing capabilities comprising fermentation, state-of-the art purification, semisynthesis and finished dosage formulation (notably injectables as lyophilized and dry fill vials), the company has gained a unique supplier position for hard-to-make anti-infectives. This combination of competencies has also enabled Xellia to become a one-stop provider of products and services.

Products are sold either as APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) or FDF (Finished Dosage Forms) injectables

FDF Injectables   Current product range comprises last resort antibiotics such as vancomycin (critical for treatment of gram positive infections due to e.g. MRSA and Clostridium difficile), colistin/CMS (recently appraised as sole antibiotic effective against certain MDR gram negatives)and amphotericin B (gold standard anti-fungal).

Lately, oncologics have been added to the portfolio. In addition to standard material, Xellia offer sterile APIs and various special qualities. Products are sold either as APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) or FDF (Finished Dosage Forms) injectables.

Recent FDF additions

Xellia are in the process of introducing proprietary, value added delivery systems that can be used for generic products, improved generics – and proprietary solutions.

The RTU infusion delivery system comprises a multi-compartment infusion bag containing both the drug and the diluent – separated by a clip system. RTU products provide several demonstrable advantages over systems already on the market.

The ADI platform comprises a wet mist inhaler, with duration of treatment less than 1/10 of the time needed for treatment with the current gold standard nebulizer, requiring only 1/4 of the dose needed with same. With the ADI inhaler, the patients can take their drugs fast, discrete and independently of any power supply, thereby markedly improving dosing compliance.

Developing new manufacturing technologies in base API manufacturing & in the vial conversion step

image 3   Xellia is basically a business-to-business (B2B) company, with excellent supply capabilities, product quality, competitive pricing – and offering a one-stop-shop approach to its customer base.

Xellia take an active interest in developing the market for its products – whether expanding their use through new indications, work on molecule derivatives – or new advanced delivery systems.

The company develops and introduces new manufacturing technologies both in the base API manufacturing area and in the vial conversion step.

The company is open to discuss contract research and manufacturing services pertaining to special qualities and derivatives of Xellia’s current products, or other products that may make use of Xellia’s technical and manufacturing capabilities. In this respect, the company is prepared to explore both in-licensing and out-licensing arrangements.


Xellia Pharmaceuticals AS
Harbitzalléen 3
P.O. Box 158 Skøyen
0212 Oslo
Tel: +47 22 52 90 00

Xellia Pharmaceuticals ApS
Dalslandsgade 11
2300 Copenhagen S
Tel: +45 32 64 55 00

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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

Antibacterial agents, treating gram-positive infectionsBacitracin, Bacitracin Zink, Daptomycin, Gramicidin, Tyrothricin, Vancomcyin HydrochlorideAntibacterial agents, treating gram-negative infectionsColistimethate Sodium (CMS), Colistin Sulfate, Polymyxin B Sulfate, Tobramycin SulfateAntifungal agentsAmphotericin B, Caspofungin AcetateCorticosteroidsFluticasone Propionate, Mometasone Furoate

Finished Dosage Forms (FDFs)

Antibacterial agents, treating gram-positive infectionsBacitracin vials, Daptomycin vials, Teicoplanin vials, Vancomycin vialsAntibacterial agents, treating gram-negative infectionsColistimethate Sodium (CMS) vials, Polymyxin B vialsAntifungal agentsCaspofungin vials


Guided by our global customers' needs, we are continually developing and expanding our range of quality APIs and FDFs - using Xellia’s APIs and other APIs sourced from our reliable and extensive network of partners.

Xellia are focused on developing three different device delivery system platforms:Metered Dose Pumps (MDP) for topical formulationsReady To Use (RTU) injectable bag systems for use in the hospital settingAcqueous Droplet Inhalation (ADI) devices for out-patient use 
Quick Contact Xellia Pharmaceuticals
Quick Contact Xellia Pharmaceuticals
Quick Contact Xellia Pharmaceuticals

Quick Contact Xellia Pharmaceuticals
Quick Contact Xellia Pharmaceuticals
Quick Contact Xellia Pharmaceuticals

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