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New Member Added to KT Series of Refrigerated Incubators

BINDER adds new KT 53 to product family of refrigerated incubators with Peltier module

binderBINDER also has refrigerated incubators with innovative Peltier technology in addition to traditional refrigerated incubators with compressor technology. With the new KT 53, the already successful KT 115 welcomes another member to the product family of refrigerated incubators with Peltier module, units with 52 and 102 liter capacities respectively.

The state-of-the-art Peltier element consists of semiconductor blocks connected electrically in series and thermally in parallel and can transfer heat via the current flow. Compared to conventional refrigerated incubators with compressor technology, the Peltier element is considerably smaller and generally vibration-free and silent.

Peltier technology requires no harmful or flammable refrigerants, thus ensuring greater safety and environmental sustainability. At the same time, the system proves its value with fast heating up times and high maximum temperatures on the basis of conventional tubular heating elements. Low purchase prices and energy efficient operation also mean a good cost/performance ratio. In regards to service, BINDER refrigerated incubators with Peltier module are well ahead of conventional units with their robust construction and easy maintenance.

Electronically controlled temperature range

The electronically controlled temperature range for KT units is between 4°C and 100°C. The maximum temperature of 100°C serves to conveniently and safely disinfect the units and reduces the risk of contamination while removable shelves make cleaning the units easier. As with all BINDER units, the use of selected materials for the refrigerated incubators was also important. The inner chamber is made of high-quality stainless steel and the inner door of safety glass. Tightly sealed enclosure doors with a 2-point door closure increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Homogeneous temperature distribution

Rapid and constant growth are paramount to the user. The APT.lineTM technology from BINDER ensures a constant-temperature, horizontal air flow from both sides, thus meeting its requirements. The homogeneous temperature distribution in the inner chamber is confirmed by a 27-point measurement according to DIN 12880. A temperature setting accurate to a tenth of a degree and long-term stable conditions also ensure reliable, reproducible incubation results.

Controller with intuitive operation

To make handling the units as simple and uncomplicated as possible for the user, the KT family is equipped with a controller with intuitive operation. The red controller triangle has a clear LCD display that allows the user to see all important parameters at a glance. A large pushbutton/rotary knob is also used to quickly enter the required values. Variable programming options with up to 52 time programs and 8 different weekly programs also help.

All data is stored in internal data memory accessible by standard USB interface. The standard Ethernet interface allows the user to easily control the refrigerated incubator from a PC using the BINDER APT-COMTM communication software. To prevent interruptions in the process, the incubators have a password-protected key lock and class 3.1 independent temperature safety device (DIN 12880) with visual and acoustic alarm.

Cooled incubators with compressor technology

BINDER still offers high-performance cooled incubators with compressor technology in the range of products to meet diverse customer requirements. BINDER offers the entire range of 23, 53, 115, 240, 400 and 720 liters. Apart from the specific benefits of Peltier technology, KB series units have all the characteristics of the refrigerated incubators. Compared to refrigerated incubators with Peltier module, these incubators offer greater heat compensation, lower minimum temperature and higher cooling rates.