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Simulation Chambers

February 21, 2013

New Member Added to KT Series of Refrigerated Incubators

Refrigerated incubators create a constant microclimate for the development and growth processes of microorganisms and cell cultures. They are part...
pharmacuetical business review
September 4, 2012

The CB 160 with ANTI.PLENUM Design – the next generation of CO2 incubators from BINDER

The CB 160 CO2/O2 incubator with ANTI.PLENUM Design offers 30% faster humidity recovery times for the most stable incubation conditions....
pharmacuetical business review



BINDER is the world's leading specialist in simulation chambers for scientific and industrial laboratory applications. BINDER has a comprehensive range of products covering routine applications as well as highly specific tasks in the area of research and development, production, and quality assurance.

BINDER is the brand when it comes to maximum precision requirements for the exact simulation of physical, chemical and biological ambient conditions

With a clear focus on what BINDER is really good at:

The BINDER product range includes:

Simulation chambers

BINDER, with its head office in Tuttlingen, is the international leader in its industry and one of the pioneers in developing simulation chambers. Its products are proven in the field, and can be found in numerous laboratories around the world.

Testing the shelf life of medicines

BINDER’s Life Sciences division supplies products to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food industries, as well as research institutes. BINDER test chambers are used by the pharmaceutical industry to test the shelf life of medicines under various climatic and lighting circumstances.


These chambers can simulate a vast range of environmental situations with controlled humidity, temperature and light, in order to test the resistance of drugs and how these conditions affect their properties. For laboratories working in the medical sciences sector, a high-precision temperature environment is crucial for the storage and incubation of cells.

Storage and incubation of cells

For laboratories working in the medical sciences sector, a high-precision temperature environment is crucial for the storage and incubation of cells. In addition to serving the electronics sector, our industrial applications department also primarily serves customers in the automotive industry. For example, the service life of products and their resistance against environmental influences is tested by simulating a ten year weathering process for a polymer in a BINDER simulation chamber in just a few days.

In addition to lean and flexible production structures, the company’s strength is based primarily upon its advanced technology and innovation. BINDER GmbH invests more than 10% of its annual sales revenue into research and development. A staff of more than 100 in the Research and Development Center (PTC) are engaged in developing new product innovations and improvements. The increasing complexity of technological interrelationships and the growing interdependency between technical disciplines requires close ongoing cooperation between specialists in different areas.

At the PTC, interdisciplinary research teams consisting of mechanical designers, hardware and software specialists, electronics engineers, automation specialists, and product managers are developing new product ideas. This offers the advantage of combining know-how from throughout the company with product-related information, from engineering to packaging, efficiently and in a timely fashion. This process broadens expertise as well as responsibility for these innovations across many areas of the company.

Highly specialised precision products

BINDER GmbH focuses on a comprehensive range of highly specialised equipment, known for its quality, which is safe in operation and is user-friendly. For Peter Michael Binder, this focus on innovation within the company represents the most significant distinction between BINDER and its competitors, as well as the basis for its successful positioning as a market leader.

He explains that:

"In contrast to manufacturers who offer a full range of products, we prefer to focus on highly specialised precision products. This is in fact precisely the secret of our success. As a medium-sized company, we are far more flexible and can respond much faster than our competitors, who are often inhibited by complex corporate structures. We don’t need complicated discussions and synchronisation between the various levels within a hierarchy."

Environmental test chambers

Quality is one of the most important factors for customers when establishing confidence in a company. This is why product safety has top priority in manufacturing and in the Life Sciences sector it is an absolutely vital element in the production of drugs. Increasingly higher standards require researchers and developers to have extensive know-how and especially a sense of responsibility.


Before a product is released for sale, it has to be tested in a climatic environment that resembles natural conditions as closely as possible – optimally in an environmental test chamber made by BINDER.

Calibration services in compliance and measured data acquisition recording

Our future growth will also be achieved by deploying internal resources and using our technological expertise in creating superior new products. The most important growth engine for BINDER continues to be its business abroad, particularly the markets in Asia and the US.

BINDER earns roughly 80% of its operating revenue through export. Central and Southern Europe are serviced and supported from BINDER headquarters in Tuttlingen, and the markets in the US and in Asia are looked after by the subsidiaries BINDER Inc. (New York) and BINDER Asia Pacific (Hong Kong); sales offices in Wolverhampton and Moscow are responsible for Northern and Eastern Europe, respectively.

BINDER backs up its technological market leadership with a multifaceted service portfolio. It offers a calibration service in compliance with relevant international standards and specifications, as well as product training, convenient software for recording measured data acquisition, and a 24-hour replacement parts supply service.

"We are proud of our ability to make the impossible possible. Our strengths are particularly evident when it comes to complex and demanding tasks," says Peter M. Binder in describing his company philosophy.

Please see below for links to some informative videos:

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BINDER GmbH “Drives Innovations” at the International Exhibition Congress on Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection and Biotechnology ACHEMA 2012 in Frankfurt

With innovative ideas, well-established BINDER GmbH of Tuttlingen, Germany, is exhibiting at the 30th International Exhibition Congress ACHEMA in Frankfurt....
4th September 2012
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