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COPA-DATA Launches the new Version of its Reporting Software zenon Analyzer

Two main topics were at the heart of the new version’s development: zenon Analyzer should be even easier to integrate into existing automation solutions and IT infrastructures. In addition, the reporting software should fulfill important energy management criteria according to the ISO 50001 international standard and thereby offer the option for use as an energy data management system.

Simple integration with existing infrastructure

Customers can apply zenon Analyzer both as an independent and freely-configurable application or use it in combination with COPA-DATA’s HMI/SCADA solution, zenon. The software is simple to integrate into pre-installed systems. Changes and adaptations to existing machines or equipment are not necessary. This high level of integration capability is ensured by the new feature "archive emulation". This creates, independent of the SCADA application, internal zenon Analyzer archives which provide the data in the best possible way for the reporting software to use for evaluation. Thereby, processing speed increases and, as a result, report generation time shortens. This new functionality offers an additional benefit for validation processes, which is often demanded in strictly-regulated process industries. Further validation efforts are avoided because existing SCADA applications do not require adaptation for analyses using zenon Analyzer. This minimises integration costs significantly.

zenon Analyzer as an energy data management system

A line of enhanced and new report templates are supplied with the new zenon Analyzer 2.10. For example, the existing range of reports was updated with diverse templates which support energy management according to ISO 50001, by taking guidelines defined in the standard into account. This reaches from trends and relative trends, to cost distribution, right up to archive aggregation.

Important figures in connection with operational energy management ("energy performance indicators" – EnPIs in short) were also considered. These support users in creating energy reports, which may be required for ISO 50001 certification. COPA-DATA additionally offers a demo project, which covers the most important guidelines of the ISO 50001 standard. This demo project supports customers and partners in the realisation of their energy management as a template and guideline for the introduction of an energy data management system.

More flexibility, more individuality

From version 2.10, zenon Analyzer also supports analyses using custom formulas. This allows users to pull in their own formulas as required using drag & drop from a list of pre-defined formula building blocks, variables and parameters (e.g. 1,000 fills) for a tailored evaluation. The newly-created formulas, or individual parts of them, can be saved for later applications. Users can also decide for themselves which parameters should be displayed in the report and thereby customise their evaluation according to their own needs.

A further innovation is the "manual data editor" where prices and standards relating to various variables in the system can be simply managed. Variables which are assigned with the same price or standard (e.g. all variables defined with the unit of kilowatt hours) are automatically summarised so that changes are only required once centrally. User-friendly and flexible administration of energy prices or standard curves, which play a particularly important role in wind energy, is a further important prerequisite for efficient energy management.

"During development of the new zenon Analyzer version it was especially important for us to consider current high-level topics such as energy management, ergonomics, performance and integration capability whilst at the same time addressing specific customer requirements, for example, the integration of Hydroelectric Power Plant Analyses. With around 70 report templates and the ability to custom configure, zenon Analyzer 2.10 users are provided with a range of reporting options which have never previously been offered," Thomas Lehrer, zenon Analyzer Product Manager at COPA-DATA, commented.

zenon Analyzer 2.10 – an overview of what’s new:

  • Simple integration with existing systems
  • Support for energy management in accordance with ISO 50001
  • Improved usability and performance
  • Ergonomic interface, standardised design for all report templates
  • zenon Analyzer Management Studio (ZAMS) enhanced to a central configuration platform
  • New wizards
  • Use with Internet Explorer 10, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 possible

Many new report templates for:

  • Alarm analysis
  • Custom formula analysis
  • Historian analysis
  • Extended historian analysis
  • ISO 50001
  • Machine-based production analysis
  • OEE analysis
  • Target actual analysis
  • Hydroelectric power plant analysis

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