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Our Safety & Wellness Programs

Keeping your DART ratings low gets customers excited because they know that you’ve made that a part of their culture, and that’s not going to reflect back into the cost of their product. You’re reviewing policies. The employees are being informed on those policies. They know you’re doing your training. They know that you’re working really hard to do everything right in those areas.

I don’t ever want to go to an employee’s home and tell their spouse or their children that that employee is not coming home. I tell my employees all the time, "Make sure you’re safe. Watch out for each other" because we don’t ever want anything to happen to our employees.

The company cares about its employees, from the top level, from the CEO, the president, down to the employees on the floor. We care about each other. We’re family, and we want everybody, everybody to perform their job the best they can, the safest way they can.