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EMBALL’ISO by your Side to Meet the Challenges of the Pharma Supply Chain

The designer and manufacturer of innovative high-performance isothermal solutions for transporting heat-sensitive pharmaceutical products EMBALL’ISO, is committed to fulfilling the needs of pharmaceutical laboratories, relating to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since the start of the health crisis, the EMBALL’ISO teams have remained strongly committed to meeting their customers’ requirements, ensuring a continuity of supply, increasing production, as well as designing and testing new solutions.

The re-use programme for isothermal packaging with relocation to the nearest EMBALL’ISO service centre, prioritising sea returns, offers EMBALL’ISO customers real added value. They no longer depend on costly and sometimes unavailable relocation by air due to the significant drop in the number of flights.

EMBALL’SO’s worldwide presence across 4 continents with 8 production sites and 14 service centres greatly simplifies the returns and supply process. It also provides the flexibility and agility needed in times of crisis.

In June, a new High-Performance Pallet Shipper was launched. This system provides temperature-controlled transportation in Temperate (+15°C/+25°C), Cool (+2°C/+8°C) and Freeze WITHOUT dry ice conditions. Certified in accordance with ISTA 7D standard, this solution offers outstandingly high performance for General Cargo transportation, AWB +2°C/+8°C and AWB+15°C/+25°C. Similar to its cousin, the Pallet Shipper, it is easy to assemble and disassemble and can be stored flat. It can also be delivered pre-conditioned to the required temperature and ready to use, directly from one of EMBALL’ISO’s 14 service centres. It is, of course, reusable and available as part of EMBALL’ISO’s Reuse and Reverse Programme. EMBALL’ISO handles and covers the cost of return transportation for Pallet Shippers. This allows customers to avoid incurring additional costs for packaging waste management and relocation.

Ever since its creation, flexibility and agility have always been part of EMBALL’ISO’s DNA. Our 8 productions sites are able to manufacture Pallet Shippers very quickly. Our highly-qualified team along with our quality control and production procedures already in place, ensure we can rapidly increase our production rate. Temporary production sites may be set up in the near future to meet demands relating to transportation of both Covid-19 vaccines as well as all other pharmaceutical products, taking the utmost care to ensure that the supply chain is not disrupted.

Today, more than ever, EMBALL’ISO is committed to working alongside pharmaceutical laboratories to fulfil their specific needs. Our teams are mobilised to meet the transportation requirements necessary for not only, future Covid-19 vaccines, but also all other vaccines and medicines.