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October 17, 2019

TLX Cargo and EMBALL’ISO Form Partnership to Provide Single Point of Contact for Thermal Cargo Protection

TLX Cargo Thermal Blankets are now available worldwide in EMBALL’ISO commercial network. Pharmaceutical companies now have one customer consultant for...
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Cold Chain Specialist

EMBALL’ISO has been working hand in hand with pharmaceutical laboratories, clinical trial operators, logistics companies and 'last mile specialists' to manage and control cold chain risks for nearly 30 years.

High performance Isothermal Packaging and Services provider

EMBALL’ISO is not only a product provider but a service provider with Ready-To-Use, Rental and Reverse Logistics offers. Our services include in addition turnkey projects, integrated solutions, monitoring services and Reuse Program.

Worldwide network

EMBALL’ISO developed a large network over four continents with eight production sites (Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States) and 14 Services Centre to supply customers globally.

Global team focused on Quality and Costs Optimization

The whole company is focusing on stamping out Temperature excursion while driving the costs down:

  • EMBALL’ISO in-house R&D team and design office design, test and validate high performance isothermal solution from Isothermal Bags, to Pallet Shippers and Thermal Blankets in all temperature range (between -80°C and 30°C with Gel- and phase change material- (PCM) based thermal stabilizers)
  • EMBALL’ISO Quality Team ensure the compliance of all processes, and especially reuse of products. All EMBALL’ISO factories are qualified ISO 9001
  • EMBALL’ISO Supply Chain developed our partner network and organizes Reverse Logistics flows so as to help reuse isothermal solution and optimize costs
  • EMBALL’ISO IT Team develops software to manage Reverse Logistics, Dynamic and Predictive Approach
  • EMBALL’ISO Cold Chain experts works hand in hand with customers to define the best solution for each shipment.
  • EMBALL’ISO Services Centre Teams manage the Reuse Program (Cleaning- Quality check, Repair if necessary) and prepares Packaging in Ready-To-use
  • And all other EMBALL’ISO Team working in production and back-office department!

An extensive range of product

EMBALL’ISO large range of product cover all Pharma Shipment needs from systems capable of carrying a single vial to airfreight pallet shippers available flat-packed or fully assembled.

In partnership with TLX, we offer performant and innovative Thermal Blankets with PCM (Phase Change Material) incorporated.

4 level of performance

EMBALL’ISO four ranges of product (PREMIUM+, PREMIUM, STANDARD or PROTECTIVE) enable you to select the isothermal solution that fits to your real shipment needs and lanes.


High performing isothermal packaging with high insulating material like VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panels) or Polyuréthane and Phase Change Material (PCM) Briquettes. Universal packout


Powerful isothermal packaging with high insulative material XPS and Phase Change Material Briquettes (PCM)


Performing isothermal protection with Water gel-based Briquettes for short transportation time


Thermal blankets to protect from temperature peaks (tarmac, lack of temperature-controlled areas). Waterproof, breathable and reflective. Integrated Phase Change Material (PCM)

Dynamic Approach

EMBALL’ISO cold chain experts help Pharmaceutical Companies, Logisticians and airlines select the right protection depending on the lane, stability data and weather conditions. That’s what we call Dynamic Approach.

An innovative Reverse Logistics Business Model that has already proved itself

The innovative EMBALL’ISO Reverse Logistics Business Model is much appreciated by customers and work well thanks to EMBALL’ISO large network and collection points in more than 80 countries.

EMBALL’ISO helps you reuse isothermal packaging while saving time and money.


EMBALL’ISO Headquarters
320 Rue de l’Avenir
T: +33 (0)4 74 09 70 80
F: +33 (0)4 74 67 60 39

Quick Contact EMBALL’ISO

Pallet Shipper

“The pallet shipper has been designed to help you reduce your transport costs and develop reverse logistics, while retaining outstanding thermal performance." Designed for Reverse Logistics, EMBALL’ISO are light and flat-packable in order to drive down storage and shipment costs. Easy to assemble and disassemble Pallet Shippers are easy to collect for reuse. You can…

Reverse Logistics

EMBALL’ISO is a pioneer in terms of reusing isothermal packaging and has acquired genuine expertise, built a network, and created a comprehensive solution to offer you: Lightweight and flexible Pallet Shipper which can be taken apart to reduce postage and storage costs A Pallet Shipper recovery service provided by EMBALL’ISO through our local partners in…

Dynamic Approach

Having a single contact for all the isothermal solutions available on the market enables EMBALL’ISO to offer a solution that takes into account all factors, such as weather conditions, seasons, airwaybill quality level and stability data. For instance, on a same lane, a thermal blanket can be sufficient in summer whereas a Pallet shipper should…


Three TLX by EMBALL’ISO Thermal Blankets are available: TLX2, recyclable, breathable and light reflectance. TLX4, high infra-red radiation reflectance TLXPCM the first thermal blanket with PCM, available for 2°C/8°C and 15°C/25°C shipments In practice, pharmaceutical products requiring temperature-controlled shipments (2°C/8°C or 15°C/25°C) are shipped in passive isothermal packaging such as EMBALL’ISO Pallet Shipper (with water…


Qualified by our design office in accordance with ISTA 7D Summer and Winter standards, VYPE is a very performant solution for CTS shipment or small volume shipment. Insulation is made with VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panels) and coolant are PCM (Phase Change Material) briquettes. Payload: from 8L to 60L.

Box Pallet

Validated for exterior temperatures of between -20°C and 60°C and qualified by our design office on the basis of exacting profiles that reproduce real-world transport conditions, Box Pallet are available in Standard and Premium Version (with PCM coolants). Payload: from 87L to 564L.


ISOGO is one of the latest innovations from EMBALL'ISO. Equipped with BIOCORE technology, it helps you control the cold chain when shipping temperature sensitive products. Payload: from 8L to 60L.

Deep Freeze

Combined with dry ice, the Deep Freeze product enables your products to be kept at -80°C for up to 146 hours.

Isothermal bags

Practical, lightweight and customisable to maintain the cold chain over the last few mile, isothermal bags are available in five payloads.

TLX 2 Cargo Covers

They comply with the international conditions covering recyclability.

What are the conditions covering recyclability? The product must be made with a plastic that is collected for recycling, has market value and/or is supported by a legislatively mandated program The product must be sorted and aggregated into defined streams for recycling processes The product can be processed and reclaimed/recycled with commercial recycling processes The…
Quick Contact EMBALL’ISO
Quick Contact EMBALL’ISO

TLX Cargo and EMBALL’ISO Form Partnership to Provide Single Point of Contact for Thermal Cargo Protection

TLX Cargo Thermal Blankets are now available worldwide in EMBALL’ISO commercial network. Pharmaceutical companies now have one customer consultant for...
17th October 2019
Quick Contact EMBALL’ISO

Quick Contact EMBALL’ISO
Quick Contact EMBALL’ISO
Quick Contact EMBALL’ISO


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