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Three TLX by EMBALL’ISO Thermal Blankets are available:

  • TLX2, recyclable, breathable and light reflectance.
  • TLX4, high infra-red radiation reflectance
  • TLXPCM the first thermal blanket with PCM, available for 2°C/8°C and 15°C/25°C shipments

In practice, pharmaceutical products requiring temperature-controlled shipments (2°C/8°C or 15°C/25°C) are shipped in passive isothermal packaging such as EMBALL’ISO Pallet Shipper (with water gel-based briquettes or PCM Phase Change Material briquettes).

They can also be covered by a Thermal Blanket in association with an airway bill 2°C/8°C or 15°C/25°C. Performance, cost and product data stability are taken into account for the isothermal solution choice.

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