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A new look for your design!

However, the required statutory and logistical information must not be forgotten. Euker offers a multitude of options to meet all your needs.

Shrink sleeves are ideal for beverages, food in jars or body care products such as lotions or shampoos. With them an all-over covering of the container is possible. Shrink sleeves can also be used to combine two individual products in a stable packaging format. Adding product samples is particularly popular for special promotions.

Inmould labels are suitable for the labelling of packaging which is produced in injection moulding. They can easily withstand mechanical impacts. The quality of the packaging is thus maintained without loss of text or soiling of the label. Moreover, they are waterproof, which is an advantage particularly for refrigerated or frozen products. Inmould labels are perfect for labeling plastic containers or lids.

Foil labels are a high-quality and durable alternative to paper labels. They offer a multitude of design options, while gleaming metallic effects or holograms give even a simple product an upmarket flair. They are resistant to dirt, damage and tears. Hot-foil and cold-foil
embossing attractively enhances the appearance of your products achieved with the metallic effects. These materials are heat-sensitive and they can be printed only with special machines cooled by water to room temperature. With the new 10-colour-UV flexographic printing machines, Euker can manufacture all of these products.

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