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A New Paradigm for Patient Recruitment: Leveraging Medical Laboratory Data for Patient Recruitment

Cerba Research, a leading healthcare diagnostic company and wholly owned subsidiary of Cerba Healthcare, today announced a new partnership with Biokortex, a provider of digital solutions to the healthcare sector. This partnership will leverage patient biological and medical data to support drug developers and CROs with patient identification and recruitment activity.

“Cerba Healthcare and Cerba Research are committed to investing in technologies that will reduce the patient burden of participating in clinical trials and help our clients to accelerate their development strategy. Biokortex will allow them to prospectively identify potential patients and offer them a safer alternative to access innovative treatments,” said Mario Papillon, CEO at Cerba Research.

“Digitization is providing an impetus to move away from centralized, high-cost, and difficult-to-access settings to more virtual, patient-centric, and efficient clinical trials models. Cerba Healthcare is the perfect partner to build the future patient’s care path,” said Biokortex CEO Adrien Ko.

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Leveraging patients’ biological and medical data — as well as biomarker and genetic data from the Cerba Healthcare network — which comprises over 25 million patients per year from over 1,000 sites located in Europe, Africa, and North America
  • A global footprint with data on global testing, frequency, and accuracy
  • A platform for screening and companion diagnostic testing across Europe and Africa
  • By connecting real-world laboratory data from clinical sites and digitizing patient data, this partnership will optimize patient recruitment for precision medicine by identifying patients expected to respond to your product — moving efficiently into clinical trials and allowing patients to receive information on new therapies at the right time
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