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Automated and Efficient Handling of Frozen Samples

Cryo.s freezing tubes, which Greiner Bio-One successfully launched last year, feature an identification
number encrypted in a Datamatrix code. Each frozen sample is thus given a unique, machinereadable
identity that is linked to sample-related information in a database. This plays a key role in a
laboratory’s day-to-day work, as it enables samples to be identified accurately even after a number of
years. The Datamatrix code is written into the plastic base of the vials using a laser. The design of the
Datamatrix Cryo Rack allows simultaneous scanning of up to 48 tubes via openings in the base using
a flat bed scanner. Thus data on the origin, type and age of samples can be saved and processed

The codes enable durable and reliable sample labelling, as they are resistant to mechanical stresses,
low storage temperatures and most solvents. An automatic error-correction algorithm, which even
makes partly damaged codes readable again, provides extra data reliability. The new Datamatrix Cryo
Rack for Cryo.s freezing vials completes the cryogenics product portfolio of Greiner Bio-One GmbH.