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Analytica 2012 — Hamilton shows exciting new products for laboratory analytics

The X-Type syringe comes with a highly inert internal coating which avoids unwanted adsorption of biological sample material. Consequently, no cross-contamination will affect the obtained results. The smooth inner surface and a high performance plunger tip made from a resistant PTFE-composite offer a significantly increased lifetime compared to traditional syringes.

The latest version of our semi-automated sample preparation system, the Microlab 600, may be used for precise and reproducible dispensing and diluting of samples. The positive displacement principle provides better than 99% accuracy, independent of a liquid’s physical properties. The fully metal-free flow path supports handling of concentrated acids or metal sensitive applications and widely avoids sample carry over. The Microlab 600 also provides a variety of security protections and simplifies compliance to CFR 21 Part 11 and FDA GLP/GMP regulations for laboratory in regulated environments such as pharmaceutical and forensics.

Hamilton’s HPLC portfolio is expanding. An independent column line for anion analysis will be introduced which consists of optimized columns for high resolution and trace level analysis as well as for fast and solvent-saving separations. The columns are packed with durable covalent functionalized anion exchange resin which exhibits well-defined particle sizes for increased lifetime and outstanding reproducibility.

Every Analytica attendee is invited to visit us at Hall B1 booth # 203/304 in Munich. Come and learn more about Hamilton’s outstanding innovations and how they create new possibilities for your laboratory. We will offer a daily guided tour from 11:00 a.m. to 11:20 a.m. to provide you a complete overview of our laboratory portfolio.