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The World Leader in Fluid Measurement

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April 17, 2012

Analytica 2012 — Hamilton shows exciting new products for laboratory analytics

At Analytica 2012 in Munich the latest developments in the field of liquid handling, sample preparation and HPLC will be...
pharmacuetical business review
April 17, 2012

Hamilton presents new columns for anion analysis

Hamilton Bonaduz AG is a global manufacturer of analytical products. Hamilton is known for analytical syringes, sensors and polymeric HPLC...
pharmacuetical business review



For over 50 years, the name Hamilton has been associated worldwide with uncompromised quality in precision fluid measuring and analytical products, as well as in fully automated analytical processes.

Hamilton is one of the world’s leading suppliers of manual, semi- and fully-automated systems for dispensing in the microlitre range. It all started with syringes for chromatography followed by diluters, robots, complete analytical systems and manual pipettes mainly used in the life science and diagnostic fields. With its electrochemical sensors and HPLC products, HAMILTON has also made a name in chemical analytics. Customer-specific solutions and OEM components complete the picture.

Chief chromatographic and related techniques supported

  • GC columns, GC syringes and GC liners
  • HPLC syringes and HPLC columns for reversed-phase, anion exchange, cation exchange and ion exclusion separation

Markets served

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical industry
  • Environmental
  • Food industry
  • Veterinary labs
  • Clinical labs
  • Research and development
  • Educational
  • Quality control

Manual, semi- and fully-automated systems for dispensing in the microlitre range

Hamilton Company is a global enterprise with manufacturing facilities in Reno, Nevada, USA and Bonaduz, Switzerland. A worldwide dealer network ensures the best possible service worldwide.

Hamilton is ISO 9001:2000 accredited

Via Crusch 8
CH 7402 Bonaduz
Tel: +41 81 660 60 60
Fax: +41 81 660 60 70

GC Columns and Accessories

Hamilton provides more than 40 different GC phases covering most commonly used applications.

Hamilton GC columns offer a broad range of application fields including environmental analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, industrial applications and quality control of foodstuffs. Our application index includes more than 500 chromatograms and supports the selection of appropriate Hamilton GC columns. Moreover, Hamilton offers GC liners, designed to ensure maximum performance of your Hamilton GC syringes. Our…

HPLC Columns

Hamilton offers HPLC columns based on 16 different polymer phases for reversed-phase anion exchange, cation exchange, and ion exclusion separations. Silica-based C8 and C18 columns are also available for reversed-phase separations. The Hamilton HPLC application index lists more than 1,300 compounds.Please see our website for more information. 


Hamilton offers the most comprehensive portfolio of Microliter syringes.

The available syringe volume ranges 0.5 µL to 100 mL. At Hamilton, you will find chromatography syringes for almost all well known autosamplers. Syringes for Life Science and special applications complete the HAMILTON offerings. If you need a special syringe, with our expertise, we are able to make an offer that meets your needs.Please see…
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