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Hybrigenics acquires Dualsystems Biotech’s yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) activities

Hybrigenics Services will significantly strengthen its worldwide leadership as the reference Y2H service provider to screen functional protein interactions

This operation will boost Hybrigenics Services’ commercial reach in German-speaking territories, Eastern Europe and China, in addition to Hybrigenics Services’ existing strong positions in North America and Western Europe (outside Germany). The customers for Y2H services are research laboratories involved in all life sciences, either from academia or industry, which need to know with which other proteins their protein of interest interacts to achieve its biological functions. Hybrigenics Services delivers for each protein such an "address book" of its main "partners", ranked by scientific relevance.

Hybrigenics Services will also get exclusive ownership of a patented Y2H screening technology specifically suited to membrane proteins. Moreover, Hybrigenics Services’ and Dualsystems Biotech’s catalogues of genomic and cDNA libraries will nicely complement each other to offer the widest range of human organs, animal and plant species and microbiological organisms to which the Y2H screening technology can be applied.

"This operation is both a business and technology opportunity which fits precisely well with our current expert leadership position in the field of functional proteomics." said Remi Delansorne, Hybrigenics’ CEO.