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Hybrigenics Services

July 2, 2013

Hybrigenics acquires Dualsystems Biotech’s yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) activities

Hybrigenics (ALHYG), a bio-pharmaceutical company listed on Alternext (NYSE-Euronext) in Paris, announces the acquisition by Hybrigenics Services, its subsidiary specialized...
pharmacuetical business review
March 20, 2013

Hybrigenics’ technology platform applied to the study of the aging brain

Hybrigenics , a bio-pharmaceutical company listed on Alternext (NYSE-Euronext) in Paris, announces the participation of Hybrigenics Services, its subsidiary specialized...
pharmacuetical business review


Testimonial: Dr. Philippe Benaroch Studied HIV-Macrophage Interactions Using ULTImate Y2H

Hybrigenics Services

Who else knows your protein better than you?

Who else knows proteins interactions better than us?

Protein interaction technology

Hybrigenics Services

Hybrigenics Services is a complete solution service provider of cutting-edge technologies dedicated to the study of protein interactions.

Our cDNA library screening platform, originally developed to discover protein-protein interactions using the Yeast Two-Hybrid technology has been adapted to many other applications, including target identification.

We propose a Chemical Yeast Three-Hybrid technology to screen a bioactive small molecule with a cDNA library and identify its protein targets in a given cell line or tissue.

Our screening platform also allows for the discovery of DNA-protein and RNA-protein interactions.

We have more than 90 libraries available from various tissues and cell lines of human, rodent, plant, bacteria, crops and many other organisms.

More recently, Hybrigenics Services launched HYBRIBODY, a range of services for single-domain antibody selection and validation. Our company offers to select antibodies derived from a fully synthetic humanized VHH library and to validate them in in vitro and in vivo applications (ELISA, IF, Intrabody etc.).

At Hybrigenics Services, we are convinced that working in collaboration with our customers is the best way to share our knowledge and to accelerate research. To better feel the needs and expectations of the scientist contacting us, we favour a direct approach by phone or email with dedicated teams. Discussion is crucial for us to advise you on the most adequate offer so please contact us.

Hybrigenics Services is recognised as the worldwide protein interactions expert. More than 1,800 researchers in top ranking universities, biotech and pharmaceutical companies have trusted us to accelerate their discovery programs – be the next one and benefit from 15 years of expertise that will really make a difference.


Hybrigenics Services
3-5 Impasse Reille
75014 Paris
Phone: +33 (0)1 58 10 38 29
Phone (USA) : +1 617-588-3272
Email :

1-by-1 with Biacore®

1-by-1 with Biacore® relies on the versatile label-free Biacore technique to detect and characterise protein interactions.

SPR/Biacore technology allows the measurement of the kinetic rate constants (association constant kon and dissociation constant koff) as well as the affinity constant (kD) of the interaction.Biacore® is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare.For more information please click here

1-by-1 with HTRF®

1-by-1 with HTRF® is a highly sensitive Time-Resolved FRET technology to validate interactions in vitro in a miniaturized format requiring only minute amounts of proteins.

Homogeneous Time-Resolved Fluorescence (HTRF) is a registered trademark of Cisbio International.For more information please click here

Hybrigenics Services Introduces Hybribody

The new All-In-One service for the selection and validation of antibodies derived from a fully synthetic humanized VHH antibody library.

Hybribody's single-chain VHH Abs can be easily fused to a tag of your choice (ie. fluorescent markers, enzymes, multi-Fc species) resulting in fully-functional recombinant Abs for a wide-range of in vitro and in vivo applications (ELISA, IFetc.). For more information, please visit Hybribody's dedicated website.

Protein Interaction Assay Development and HTS

Custom, robust protein interactions assays can be developed in a Time-Resolved FRET format. These assays can be transferred to you or screened at Hybrigenics with a high throughput to identify small molecules that modulate or inhibit protein interactions.

For more information please click here

ULTImate YChemH

Find out more about your small molecule effects thanks to our drug discovery service. ULTImate Yeast Chemical Hybrid (YChemH) is a compound profiling technique adapted from our ULTImate Y2H™ technology to identify the protein partners of a given bioactive small molecule.

Identify hit targets and decipher mechanisms of action following a phenotypic screening (drug profiling, target deconvolution)Study the off-target effects of an active compoundSupport drug repositioning in new therapeutic areasEvaluate safety of chemicals (toxico-proteomics)More info on our ULTImate YChemH service is available here:

ULTImate Y1H and ULTImate RNA Y3H

Hybrigenics now offers several library screening services to identify the protein partners of your favorite DNA or RNA.

These new services take advantage of the same highly complex protein domain libraries for an exhaustive screening.To learn more on our library screening services, please click here

ULTImate Y2H™

Hybrigenics’ ULTImate Y2H™ is an optimised, high-quality yeast two-hybrid technology for the identification of protein interactions in any organism, cell type or tissue.

Highly complex, domain-based libraries are screened to saturation, allowing the identification of even the rarest partners and the delineation of minimal interacting domains. Interactions are ranked thanks to a proprietary confidence score.Since we identify interactions between protein domains, our technology is also suitable to discover the partners of secreted or membrane proteins such as receptors…

ULTImate Y2H+1

A modified version of ULTImate Y2H™, which allows the expression of any enzymatic or structural co-factor required for the proper folding, activation or post-translational modification of your protein of interest.

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