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A World First Initiative by an Australian Company. The Result, a Realisation of Proven Opportunity Within One of the Most Profitable Market Sectors

IQnovate ltd (IQN) is an Australian Company and the world’s first contract medical organisation to provide contract medical affairs services to the Biopharmaceutical industry.

" We fit into a value chain that averages A1.4 billion spend per drug on research and development alone and when you consider that we can speed their time to market and save them costs in performing this we become a valuable link," Mr. Syrmalis succinctly explains.

IQNovate Ltd expects to be listed on the National Stock Exchange by October, 2011 and will raise $A1.5 million by offering for subscription of up to 7.5 million Shares at an Issue Price of $A0.20 each.

The company will target pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device companies, financial institutions and academic and government organizations.

"Currently there are as many as 2900 drugs being developed that we can assist regardless of their stage of development. We are able to offer support in such a way that will generate income and cost savings for them," he explains and points out that "We offer a proposition that can provide value at any stage of the life cycle."

IQN focuses on every segment of the drug life cycle, from preclinical to clinical, right through to the registration and commercialization of the Biopharmaceutical product and therefore bridges the gap between science and business.

The IQN offering provides an innovative business model, which delivers economies of scale to its clients. The business model is not limited to the pipeline products but extends to the on patent and off patent products, increasing IQN revenue and decreasing IQN risk from pipeline failures.

"Some might use us because we offer economies of scale and expertise that improve operational efficiency that enable their scientists to focus on their core need or some might use us to add vale to their proposition made available by increasing the speed of their operation.," he summarises.

The management team has extensive global Biopharmaceutical business experience and importantly an understanding of the global Biopharmaceutical market and regulatory environment.

"We are a the same as a Biopharma without a product which means we can choose the best and most appropriate products at any one time that will minimise the risk to us and our investors," he explains, "The risk is further diversified by our service portfolio which will represent a diverse range of activities and opportunity."

IQN is the world’s first global contract medical organization uniquely positioned to provide fully integrated scientific and advisory services to the Biopharmaceutical industry.

"There are two key factors that allow IQN to offer a unique strategic value proposition to its shareholders. Firstly, the Company is focused on providing contract medical services to the global Biopharmaceutical industry, through a cost driven capacity model engaging in strategic transactions with the clients. This results in unlocking product value for our clients and generating profits for our shareholders," he states and, "Secondly, IQN is uniquely positioned to offer tailor made scientific services leading to registration, reimbursement and commercialization of new medical devices and Biopharmaceuticals, currently under development by our clients."

IQN’s product offering redefines the late stage clinical development process by introducing a new business
model of drug life cycle clinical development, which results in our clients benefiting by:

  • Improving operational efficiency and outcomes
  • Optimizing pipeline value and return on investment
  • Improving regulatory compliance
  • Hedging risk and reducing infrastructure costs
  • Increasing life cycle drug development efficiencies and decreasing time to market

These two factors, converging with the consolidation that the global Biopharmaceutical industry is undergoing, present an exciting opportunity to create and capture value for IQN and its shareholders.

In summation he explains "We have the opportunity to take advantage of a pan Australian tech based market. We enable the development of a product designed to replace and improve upon traditional development departments within the clinical research industry. We translate good ideas into measurable performance,"


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