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E Ink and LTS to Develop Smart Patch to Improve Medical Management

Electronic ink technology provider E Ink Holdings and LTS have announced their partnership to develop a Smart Patch prototype.

The Smart Patch is a transdermal therapeutic system (TTS) that is designed to deliver medication to patients in a convenient, controlled and comfortable manner. It features an E Ink display to deliver and to convey relevant information about the patch’s performance.

According to a report conducted by the New England Healthcare Institute (NEHI), poor medication adherence is a pervasive problem that costs $290bn a year in the US. Forgetting to take medication and not understanding administration instructions are among the main reasons why between 20-50% of patients are not adhering to their medical regimens.

Smart drug systems such as Smart Patches are expected to increase globally to nearly $81.4bn by 2024 as they provide a more targeted, uniform and secure method of drug delivery.

Vice-president of research and development (R&D) at LTS Dr Hanshermann Franke said: “Poor medical adherence negatively impacts patient’s therapeutic outcomes, leading to more hospitalisations and higher total costs.

“The main purpose of any innovation must be centred on the idea of making patients’ lives as healthy and comfortable as possible. This can be achieved by designing smart solutions that easily integrate, facilitate treatment monitoring and help patients use their medication properly.”

The Smart Patch is equipped with a 2in E Ink electronic paper display (EPD) that leverages the display’s bistable nature to ensure the patient doesn’t need to recharge the battery. The patch features a switch, a pressure sensor and a low-voltage E Ink display that shows helpful information with functionalities such as:

  • If the patch is applied correctly to the skin
  • A countdown until the next dose
  • A reminder to remove the patch and to replace it appropriately

Executive vice-president of the Sales Center at E Ink Dr FY Gan said: “This is the first application to feature E Ink’s low-voltage film, which uses 50-70% of the typical driving voltage for EPDs.

“In addition to minimising power consumption, which results in being able to use a small battery with a longer battery life, the low-voltage film is the thinnest electronic paper film available on the market at less than 200um, enabling it to fit flawlessly on the TTS.”

CMO at LTS Dr Tim Schlange said: “There are many advantages to TTS technologies, and now we can add a decisive enhancement, an E Ink display.

“This feature allows LTS to provide functionalities to patients with more reliable, safe and pain-free applications and to further enhance the value of solutions for its partners in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Chief Strategy Officer at E Ink Dr Paul Apen said: “Medical innovation is happening at an unprecedented rate and we are excited to partner with a company that is providing unique drug delivery systems in the marketplace to improve medical compliance.

“Our displays are a natural fit for this type of drug delivery system as they are thin, have a wide viewing angle and consume minimal power for continued use. This is just one of the ways our display technology is impacting the future of medical applications.”

The Smart Patch concept will initially target the treatment of chronic diseases. The first prototype will be displayed during CPhI in Messe Frankfurt, Germany, which takes place from 24-26 October.

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