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LTS Donates Fire Truck to Zichow Fire Brigade

The 25-year-old former fire truck of the LTS plant fire brigade is fully functional and still in good condition.

Since LTS Lohmann Therapie-Systeme AG moved to the Andernach site in 1994, the plant fire brigade has been using the fire-fighting vehicle. With an average of 25 missions per year, it has only covered a mileage of 6,000km and has always served well. During the beginning of 2019 LTS decided to replace it with a new HLF20. New production techniques and buildings require the latest extinguishing technology, as well as the provision of additional resources. This is the only way to ensure the safety of the workforce, the population and the buildings.

As the old vehicle was taken off-duty, the desire for its best possible utilization arose. After a brief search, Manuel Friedrich, head of the LTS plant fire brigade, came across a report of a fire in the fire station in Zichow in the Uckermark region, during which their emergency vehicle was destroyed. This means that the Zichow fire brigade is no longer ready for action. The tasks have been taken over by other fire brigades in the area.

Unfortunately, they also have to cope with outdated equipment some of which are 40+ years old. People in the area, where many large housing estates, children’s facilities, monuments and large forest areas are situated, are worried about their safety.

These facts persuaded LTS to donate the decommissioned LTS fire-truck to the Zichow fire brigade.

Last week the fire truck was handed over to an authority representative of Gramzow, H. Höpfner, and the deputy office brigade leader, Ralf Gerhardt.

Both showed great enthusiasm and joy about the new vehicle. Especially the cross-country mobility and the 600l water tank are very well suited to replace the burnt down vehicle of the Zichow fire brigade, also an LF 8.

“The most important thing is that the operational readiness of our fire brigade is now given and thus the fire protection in the community is guaranteed again. So Stefan Höpfner, Ordnungsamt Gramzow, himself a passionate firefighter.

“We are already looking forward to the eyes of our team mates shining with joy when they receive the vehicle!”