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LTS Sponsors Microarray Patch Systems Webinar

What are the options to make your injectable product patient and healthcare provider preferred? How can we deliver the drug to the patient in a format that is easier to ship, easier to use and painless for the patient? Painless self-administration by the patient has the potential to be the lowest risk, lowest cost and most preferred option for drug delivery of injectable therapeutics. This Webinar will give you answers by introducing you to a superior dosage form.

In the first half of the presentation, you will get an insight into the options of transdermal applications. A brief comparison of a variety of transdermal application including injection systems will provide a better understanding of problems faced while using such a system. In the second half of the presentation, we will take a deep look at microneedle systems. In addition to current designs and compositions, we will look into the development, manufacturing and analytical testing of the microneedle system.

This presentation will give allow you to take the future of injections into your company using the benefits of microarray systems to challenge the dosage forms of your marketed products and products in your R&D pipeline.

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