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MEGGLE Starts Production in the USA

The company already has over 50 years of experience in the production of lactose. With constant product innovations and an exemplary quality MEGGLE Business Group Excipients & Technology has established a leading international market position for lactose and co-processed excipients. The company supplies the pharmaceuticals industry with pharmaceutical lactose that serves as a filling and binding agent for pharmaceuticals.

The new production site is to create a classic win-win situation for all market partners: US customers will benefit from less red tape, no customs, faster processes, optimum product quality, and secure delivery. In addition, MEGGLE is getting closer to the US market. As a first product, it will be manufacturing GranuLac 200. And further products will follow in the near future.

State of the art made in Germany
"The production site in the USA is a high-tech plant featuring cutting-edge production methods," says Dr. Egmont G. Pfeifer, director of the MEGGLE Group’s Excipients & Technology division. "As we are among the pioneers in various fields of lactose production, we always feel obliged to be trailblazers. Be it in the development of innovative products or constant optimization of manufacturing processes." For this reason MEGGLE products already exceed international quality standards that are valid today. In addition to this, the company is constantly in touch with many scientific institutions worldwide. MEGGLE gives special priority to the sustainability of all of its operating processes. Not least because the plant in the small town of Le Sueur (Minnesota) lies in a rural area. Hence, it goes without saying that MEGGLE attaches great importance to nature and an unspoilt environment.

Service à la carte
In addition to its excellent reputation for quality as an innovative manufacturer, MEGGLE also stands out for special services: For all questions regarding formulation, production, and the application of excipients, customers, and users are supported by a reliable team of experts who work worldwide. Hence, the traditional company provides the pharmaceutical industry in particular with access to its entire know-how in the fields of development cooperation and subcontracting. And the functionality of the products is also highly appreciated by other industries, such as cosmetics and detergents manufacturers.

MEGGLE AG, with its headquarters in the Bavarian city of Wasserburg (Germany), serves as a holding company for various business activities in the dairy industry and whey processing. MEGGLE has a proud history of more than 125 years in the dairy market.

The business group Excipients & Technology produces pharmaceutical excipients for direct compression, granulation, capsules, sachets, powder blends and dry powder inhalers. With its broad product portfolio, intelligent innovations and exceptional product quality, MEGGLE took a leading role in the global business of pharmaceutical excipients.
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