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MEGGLE Excipients & Technology is a global leader in the manufacture of lactose for the pharmaceutical industry. Supporting supply chain security with manufacturing facilities in Europe and North America, MEGGLE offers a broad product portfolio of lactose excipients, co-processed technologies and excipient contract manufacturing.

MEGGLE is a pioneer in co-processing technologies that allow simple, robust formulation development and manufacture. Through co-processing, MEGGLE developed highly functional excipients possessing unique qualities for directly compressible immediate and sustained release pharmaceutical solid dosage forms.

MEGGLE stands for expertise: Wherever you are – we’re there for you

MEGGLE Excipients & Technologies serves the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets with a global network of offices and authorised agents. As an innovator in co-processed technology, MEGGLE also provides contract manufacturing services to several other global excipient companies. Our broad portfolio of products, multiple manufacturing locations, technical centers in major markets, and innovative technologies, make MEGGLE the preferred supplier and valued partner by large and small pharmaceutical product manufacturers.

MEGGLE has it: The right lactose product for any needs

MEGGLE Excipients & Technologies excipient products:
– Lactose monohydrate
– Anhydrous Lactose
– Co-Processed Excipients: MicroceLac®, Cellactose®, StarLac®, RetaLac®
– Lactose for Inhalation
– Lactose for lyophilization and parenteral applications
– Custom lactose products

MEGGLE Excipients & Technologies Services:
– Spray drying
– Co-Processing
– Agglomeration
– Blending
– Product Customization

MEGGLE quality standards are simple: Do everything better

MEGGLE Group Wasserburg was granted an EXCiPACT™ certificate. Auditors from the certifying body SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance, Hamburg, Germany) confirmed in August, 2014 that the MEGGLE Business Group Excipients & Technology complies with the quality standards of Good Manufacturing & Good Distribution Practices (GMP & GDP) for its pharmaceutical excipients.

About MEGGLE: How we got where we are today

Founded in 1887 as a small dairy in Wasserburg near Munich, Germany, MEGGLE is a privately held, third generation, family owned business. With an emphasis on quality and innovation, the company is a global leader and premiere manufacturer of dairy products. The company is represented by more than 2,200 employees worldwide.


MEGGLE AG, with its headquarters in the Bavarian city of Wasserburg (Germany), serves as a holding company for various business activities in the dairy industry and whey processing. MEGGLE has a proud history of more than 125 years in the dairy market.

MEGGLE Group Wasserburg
BG Excipients & Technology
Megglestrasse 6 -12
83512 Wasserburg
Phone +49 8071 73 476
Fax +49 8071 73 320

Direct Compression (DC) – Maximum Profitability

Direct compression is the least complex and most cost-effective alternative to traditional granulation. Because they are convenient and easy to administer, tablets are the most popular pharmaceutical dosage form. They can be produced inexpensively in large volumes. Moreover, dosing accuracy is consistent. Given the efficiencies, direct compression is becoming the preferred process for tablet manufacture by pharmaceutical companies globally. Decreased energy, labour, and capital costs as well as the increase in overall product stability are a few of the many benefits.

Few traditional excipients provide the functional characteristics, specifically powder flow and compactability, required for robust direct compression tablet manufacture. As a result, modifying traditional excipients may be necessary. This may be accomplished through spray-drying, agglomeration, roller-drying, or co-processing lactose to enhance the functional characteristics desired for directly compressed pharmaceutical dosage forms.Products:DC excipients:Tablettose® 70Tablettose® 80Tablettose® 100FlowLac®…

Lactose for Inhalation Applications – Versatile, in Line With Your Needs

InhaLac® is tightly controlled sieved or milled lactose specifically designed and especially suited for dry powder inhalation drug delivery. InhaLac® products are available in standard forms or as customised solutions to suit your exacting needs. InhaLac® fulfills the need for excellent flowability, defined particle surface, and chemical and physical stability in dry powder inhalation drug delivery.

InhaLac® is perfect for these applications due to the extremely narrow particle size distribution. This specialised excipient is practically free of unstable, amorphous lactose.Products:InhaLac® 70InhaLac® 120InhaLac® 230InhaLac® 250InhaLac® 400  Sieving Inhalation

MEGGLE has it: The Right Lactose Product for Any Needs

The world of lactose is our whole world. With this in mind, our products are aligned specifically to your needs and applications, for more information click here. For further information on any product shown here, please see the detailed, individual product brochure available for downloading at

TabletingGranulation (milled)GranuLac® 70GranuLac® 140GranuLac® 200GranuLac® 230SorboLac® 400Direct compression (agglomerated)Tablettose® 70Tablettose® 80Tabelttose® 100Direct compression (spray-dried)FlowLac® 90FlowLac® 100Direct compression (anhydrous)DuraLac® HDirect compression (co-processed)Cellactose® 80MicroceLac® 100StarLac®RetaLac®Powder preparations (sieved)PrismaLac® 40CapsuLac® 60SacheLac® 80SpheroLac® 100Dry powder inhalation (sieved)InhaLac® 70InhaLac® 120InhaLac® 230InhaLac® 250Dry powder inhalation (milled)InhaLac® 400

Milled Lactose – For Optimum Granulation

GranuLac® and SorboLac®, milled lactose, have good compaction properties due to its small particle size. It is best granulated, wet or dry, before tablet production. It is the most frequently used excipient for granulation.

ApplicationWet granulationDry granulationPremixesTriturationsFermentationFlavour enhancementProduct featuresGood compactabilityGood blending propertiesNarrow particle size distributionHigh storage stabilityHigh batch-to-batch consistencyProducts:GranuLac® 70GranuLac® 140GranuLac® 200GranuLac® 230SorboLac® 400

Product List

TabletingGranulation (milled)GranuLac® 70GranuLac® 140GranuLac® 200GranuLac® 200SorboLac® 400Direct compression (agglomerated)Tablettose® 70Tablettose® 80Tablettose® 80Direct compression (spray-dried)FlowLac® 90FlowLac® 100Direct compression (anhydrous)DuraLac® HDirect compression (co-processed)Cellactose® 80MicroceLac® 100StarLac®RetaLac®Powder preparations (sieved)PrismaLac® 40CapsuLac® 60SacheLac® 80SpheroLac® 100Dry powder inhalation (sieved)InhaLac® 70InhaLac® 120InhaLac® 230InhaLac® 250Dry powder inhalation (milled)InhaLac® 400

Product Matrix

Decisions made easy – all features at a glance:

For more information, click here

Sieved Lactose – With Superior Blending Properties

Lactose is sieve-fractionated into various grades with a narrow particle size distribution and exhibits good flow. Sieved lactose consists of mono-crystals and agglomerates. Our product variety allows your application to be easily optimized. Due to good blending properties and excellent flowability, our products are especially suitable for powder blends, and capsule and sachet filling.

ApplicationCapsule fillingSachet fillingPowder blendsTriturationsProduct featuresExcellent flowabilityNarrow particle size distributionGood blending propertiesHigh storage stabilityHigh batch-to-batch consistencyProducts:PrismaLac® 40CapsuLac® 60SacheLac® 80SpheroLac® 100Sieving equipment
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