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Direct Compression (DC) – Maximum Profitability


Direct compression is the least complex and most cost-effective alternative to traditional granulation. Because they are convenient and easy to administer, tablets are the most popular pharmaceutical dosage form. They can be produced inexpensively in large volumes. Moreover, dosing accuracy is consistent. Given the efficiencies, direct compression is becoming the preferred process for tablet manufacture by pharmaceutical companies globally. Decreased energy, labour, and capital costs as well as the increase in overall product stability are a few of the many benefits.

Few traditional excipients provide the functional characteristics, specifically powder flow and compactability, required for robust direct compression tablet manufacture. As a result, modifying traditional excipients may be necessary. This may be accomplished through spray-drying, agglomeration, roller-drying, or co-processing lactose to enhance the functional characteristics desired for directly compressed pharmaceutical dosage forms.


DC excipients:

  • Tablettose® 70
  • Tablettose® 80
  • Tablettose® 100
  • FlowLac® 90
  • FlowLac® 100
  • DuraLac® H

Co-processed excipients:

  • Cellactose® 80
  • MicroceLac® 100
  • StarLac®
  • RetaLac®

agglomaration equipment

Agglomaration equipment

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