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Screening Cosmetic and Dusting Powders

As the global cosmetics industry continues to grow and evolve with new trends, styles and innovations, the way that these products are processed must also be modernised.

With skincare, haircare, makeup and fragrances providing vast sums of revenue for manufacturers around the world, it is important that these products are of a consistently high quality. Throughout the processing of cosmetic and dusting powder products such as face powders, eyeshadow and talc, vibrating screeners can be used to guarantee product quality.

This industrial makeup sieving solution automatically sieves the cosmetic and dusting powders, removing all oversize contamination and guaranteeing a consistently fine powder. A fully portable design means the sieving machine can easily fit into existing production lines, and be transferred easily between processes if necessary.

These vibrating screeners are available with all-stainless-steel contact parts and can be quickly and easily dismantled and assembled for cleaning, ideal for use with multiple powders.

To further enhance performance, this high-frequency vibrating screen was upgraded with the Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System. This ultrasonic sieving technology eliminates mesh blockages during the sieving of fine and sticky powders, often used in cosmetic products. In fact, these systems can improve sieving capacities by up to ten times, and increase product quality through screening on finer meshes, down to 20 microns.

Contact Russell Finex using the enquiry form on this page to find out how your cosmetic powder processing line can be optimised to ensure the quality of final products for the customer.