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InSphero AG and SIRION BIOTECH GmbH announce Development & Marketing

Both companies gain access to the partner’s products and services to advance cell-based assays for improved identification of novel compounds and target validation. Both companies stand ready to provide jointly coordinated custom services. Clients can receive within a matter of weeks genetically custom-tailored cells (provided by SIRION BIOTECH) which are transformed to more organotypic 3D microtissues (provided by InSphero).

Cells provided in the 3D microtissue format drastically improve the biological relevance and increase the predictivity of most cell-based assays. Late-stage failure rates in drug and other compound discovery can be reduced significantly.

Dr. Jan Lichtenberg, InSphero CEO: "SIRION BIOTECH gives us access to most innovative cell models which we can apply in our unique scaffold-free 3D technology. InSphero 3D microtissues are ideally suited to screening applications, as they are delivered assay-ready in a standard 96-well format with one tissue per well and outstanding size reproducibility of less than 8% standard deviation.SIRION and InSphero clients will have one contact partner in order to conveniently access advanced cell-based assay technology."

Dr. Christian Thirion, Founder and CTO of SIRION BIOTECH:

"On its way to changing the paradigm in target validation SIRION BIOTECH has made an additional significant step: clients are now able to investigate their target with tissue models which are as close to ‘reality’ as possible today."