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Tosoh Bioscience: New High Capacity TOYOPEARL® rProtein L Resin

Tosoh Bioscience, a provider of chromatographic solutions for the isolation and analysis of biomolecules, introduced a new Protein L affinity resin. It combines the rigid TOYOPEARL polymer matrix with an engineered recombinant Protein L derived ligand.

Protein L has a strong affinity for the variable region of an antibody’s kappa light chain. TOYOPEARL AF-r Protein L-650F is therefore suitable for the purification of a wide range of antibody related molecules which do not bind to Protein A. Examples are antibody fragments (Fabs), domain antibodies (Dabs) and single chain variable fragments (scFv) as well as IgM and IgA. TOYOPEARL AF-r Protein L-650F exhibits dynamic binding capacities (DBCs) of greater than 38 g/L for Fabs, almost twice the capacity of other commercial Protein L resins.

The recombinant ligand that is linked to the well proven methacrylic polymer backbone of TOYOPEARL media has been engineered to maintain capacity even after repeated exposure to mild alkaline solution. Its multipoint attachment to the TOYOPEARL matrix further enhances its chemical stability. Due to its rigid polymer matrix TOYOPEARL AF-rProtein L-650F also provides excellent pressure flow characteristics.

Affinity resins constitute a substantial cost in process scale purification processes. Factors such as operating cycles and capacity can have an impact on total costs associated with purification of antibody related target molecules. The high capacity of the new TOYOPEARL AF-rProtein L-650F resin and its robustness can help to increase product throughput, reduce operating costs and increase manufacturing productivity.