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Tosoh at the BioProcess International Conference ‒ 19-21 September in Boston, MA

Tosoh Bioscience, a leading company in the field of liquid chromatography, is currently at the BioProcess International (BPI) conference in Boston, Massachusetts. The main conference and exhibition is taking place from 19-21 September at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

This week at BPI, Tosoh’s focus is on our Holistic Multi-Column Chromatography (MCC) Solution. Our Octave™ MCC instruments and SkillPak™ pre-packed columns (packed with TOYOPEARL®  and TSKgel®  bioprocessing resins) are part of a holistic approach that allows our partners to achieve superior productivity levels via multi-column chromatography and cost reduction.

On 19 September at 6pm, from our stall at Booth #1035, we are unveiling our Octave PRO – a GMP-ready MCC Skid. It is a multi-column chromatography system that not only paves the way for significant resin and buffer savings, but also makes space available on your manufacturing site due to its small footprint design. This system also allows you to seamlessly scale-up your intensified chromatography process developed on our Octave BIO MCC System (the below photo displays both the Octave BIO and Octave PRO systems).

On Wednesday 20 September, we will have two poster presentations. The first is titled ‘mAb Capture and Viral Clearance Using a Multi-Column Chromatography Platform’ and will be presented by Abbie Breton, at Screen #6 from 9:30am to 9:45am. Following this, there will be a presentation titled ‘Efficient Upstream and Downstream Process for Bevacizumab (Avastin™ Biosimilar) Production’ from 10:15am to 10:30am at Screen #9, with Jukka Kervinen presenting.

Then on Thursday 21 September, we will have a BWB Main Stage Talk. Titled ‘Economic Modeling of Multi-Column Chromatography for Protein A’, it will begin at 10:20am and be presented by Jennifer Knister.

For more information about the BPI conference, please click here.