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TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F – The Smart Cation Exchange Resin

Toyopearl SulfateTosoh Bioscience, a leading global supplier of chromatography products for the bioscience industry released a new salt tolerant biopurification resin: TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F offers a high binding capacity for Immunoglobulin G (IgG) across a range of pH values and conductivities. It provides an increased salt tolerance and its selectivity is different than that of most sulfate type cation exchange media currently available.

TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F is perfectly suited for a range of biopharmaceutical applications. They range from the capture of proteins from biological feedstock (mammalian cell culture or bacterial feedstock) without dilution to intermediate or final purification of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). It is especially suitable for post-Protein A removal of aggregates. TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F provides stronger binding of mAb aggregates than other cation exchange media, resulting in the high resolution separation of monomer and aggregates.

TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F is available as bulk material, in pre-packed MiniChrom or ToyoScreen® columns and in RoboColumnsTM for automated resin screening.

Toyopearl Sulfate