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TSKgel Protein C4-300: Speed and Resolution for Proteins Analysis

The pore size of 300Å is ideally suited for the HPLC and LC/MS analysis of intact proteins such as antibodies, recombinant proteins and PEGylated proteins. Latest surface modification techniques and endcapping of residual silanol groups reduce undesirable secondary interactions and peak tailing. Hence, peak shape, acid stability and sample recoveries are excellent.

The use of a 3 micron silica particle combined with optimized ligand density and alkyl chain length results in better protein and peptide resolution compared to other leading C4 phases. High speed separations for process control or high throughput screening can be achieved when using a short column of 5 cm length at increased flow. TSKgel Protein C4-300 columns are available in 2 and 4.6 mm ID and 5, 10 and 15 cm length.

The new C4 reversed phase column perfectly fits into the TSKgel HPLC toolbox for biochromatography consisting of high performance SEC, ion exchange, HIC, HILIC and RPC columns.