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Tosoh Biosience to Hold Virtual BioSeparation Forum

Tosoh Bioscience is to hold its virtual BioSeparation Forum on 1 October.

Based on the track record of the Tosoh BioSeparation Forum series of events we created a virtual event packed with inspiring presentations, scientific updates and opportunities to connect with your peers. The virtual BioSeparation Forum will present an overview on the use of bio-chromatography for manufacturing and analysis of specific target molecules in two streams:

  • Manufacturing – New Therapies & Antibodies
  • Analytics – Speed & Accuracy

You have the possibility to register for each lecture individually or directly for an entire session. Each section will conclude with a joint Q & A session with the presenters from academia, biopharma and Tosoh. If you register for an entire session, you automatically participate in the Q & A session.

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