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Explore the potential of Pharmaceutical Spray Drying at POWTECH/TechnoPharm and CPhI

GEA Niro has a long history of serving the pharmaceutical industry, and offers both complete spray drying installations as well as a full range of spray drying services to companies working with the development of spray dried pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical grade products. Services cover the complete development cycle from the initial proof of concept tests to full-scale production of clinical trial materials and commercial products under cGMP conditions.

Spray drying is a fast and gentle way to produce free-flowing powders and a process that allows a very precise particle formation. The drying takes place in seconds and at temperatures preserving the product’s activity. Spray drying can be applied in pharmaceutical production to obtain several benefits, including increased bioavailability, controlled release or taste masking and aseptic production. It can also be applied for production of fine powders for inhalation or other applications. It can be applied in the production of APIs, excipients as well as of solid dosage formulations of final drugs.

At POWTECH/Technopharm, GEA Niro will present the novel aseptic spray dryer concept; ASEPTICSDTM. Here, the spray dryer is sterilised by steam – a well-known technology that fulfils the requirements from FDA, EMA and other authorities, and which has been the preferred method for sterilisation in the pharmaceutical industry for decades. This allows for producing aseptic free-flowing powders in a single step, and benefiting from all the advantages of spray drying, e.g. powder engineering properties as well as the cost advantages of spray drying as opposed to other technologies.

POWTECH/TechnoPharm: Visit GEA Niro in Hall 5/5-250
CPhI: Visit GEA Niro in Hall 4,1, Booth G58