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Alzheimer in vivo CRO


reMYND's CRO is a trusted research partner in the preclinical in-vivo testing of all types of experimental Alzheimer treatments:

  • small molecule and immunization strategies;
  • prophylactic and curative treatments;
  • pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals;
  • testing of tau and Abeta directed approaches, as well as other hypotheses

We take care of the whole study trajectory, ranging from the breeding and aging of the mouse, over the treatment of the mice with the experimental therapy, and a detailed pharmacology assessment via behavior testing (motoric and cognitive testing) and brain/csf pathological analyses (biochemistry, immunohistochemistry).

We are committed to a short response time allowing rapid study start also with aged mice, are mastering all routes of administration (e.g., gavage, stereotactic injection in brain, ip, sc, iv) and offer a broad testing window for a whole portfolio of behavioral, immunohistochemical and biochemical read-outs, both in brain and csf.

For more information and all inquiries, please contact Dr. An Tanghe, CRO Manager.

(A) Gavage, allowing controlled oral intake of experimental treatments. (B) Stereotactic injection in e.g. hippocampus, of which successful targeting can be visualized by red colorant in subsequently prepared coronal brain section (in C). (D) Subcutaneous injection.
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