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Drug Discovery and Development

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Aptuit INDiGO


Aptuit INDiGO™ is a customised drug development method that accelerates early drug candidates by reducing the time from API to IND submission. It's a fast track, at times as brief as 26 weeks, that does not cut corners or compromise safety.

Aptuit INDiGO™ offers simultaneous, tightly integrated traditional preformulation, drug substance, preclinical, drug product, clinical trial materials and analytical services. An Aptuit project manager guides Aptuit INDiGO™ projects that are suited to small and large protein based drugs. The accelerated Aptuit INDiGO™ method anticipates many solid form issues that are key to turning a non-bioavailable molecule into a more soluble bioavailable drug. By more rapidly advancing a potential compound into man, drug developers can make critical portfolio decisions, potentially saving millions of dollars and many years.

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