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Drug Discovery and Development

April 2, 2013


Aptuit announces that it offers fast screenings of synaptic activity on hippocampal slices for clients who are focused on the...
pharmacuetical business review
February 21, 2013

Aptuit Announces Formation Of Scientific Advisory Board

Stuart Needleman, President and Chief Operating Officer, Aptuit LLC, announced that the company has formed the Aptuit Scientific Advisory Board...
pharmacuetical business review



Aptuit is a pharmaceutical service company conducting research, development and manufacturing on a contract basis for large and small innovators.

Aptuit was created and our capability assembled to "engineer a better drug development process through scientific excellence" by integrating the critical and rate determining activities crucial to success along the drug development continuum.

Formed in 2004 Aptuit employs over 2,700 highly skilled staff at our 18 global facilities, located in the UK, US and Asia. Our global infrastructure allows us to deliver the requirements of our customers, effectively, efficiently and on time.

Drug development

If a client requires a professional service for drug development, Aptuit has the scientific expertise, service focused organisation and the dedicated people to address any challenge our customers may face. We can offer advice and global service alternatives that will help them to reach and exceed their project milestones.

Our suite of services will enable your drug development process from discovery to proof of concept through to launch.


Aptuit, Inc.
Two Greenwich Office Park
Greenwich, CT 06831
US Tel: +1 816 767 3900
UK Tel: +44 131 451 2451

API Development and Manufacture

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) production is a critical component of drug development. The efficient synthesis of a molecule is a fundamental requirement of success. Aptuit offers a complete range of API development and manufacturing services to support a client from discovery to commercialisation.

Our capabilities include solid state chemistry, radiolabeling, process R&D, preclinical and clinical supply, and the manufacture of high potent and Cytotoxic compounds. Aptuit is the most complete global API provider and can satisfy needs from early development to commercial supply. With Aptuit, a client can count on a streamlined synthesis route that's efficient, reproducible, safe,…

Aptuit INDiGO

Aptuit INDiGO™ is a customised drug development method that accelerates early drug candidates by reducing the time from API to IND submission. It's a fast track, at times as brief as 26 weeks, that does not cut corners or compromise safety.

Aptuit INDiGO™ offers simultaneous, tightly integrated traditional preformulation, drug substance, preclinical, drug product, clinical trial materials and analytical services. An Aptuit project manager guides Aptuit INDiGO™ projects that are suited to small and large protein based drugs. The accelerated Aptuit INDiGO™ method anticipates many solid form issues that are key to turning a non-bioavailable molecule…

Aptuit Laurus

Aptuit Laurus combines the global offerings in drug development of Aptuit Inc. with Laurus Labs R&D and manufacturing expertise and newly built state-of-the-art facilities.

The combined company provides established and emerging pharmaceutical companies with integrated services, technologies and manufacturing capabilities that span the entire drug development continuum. Aptuit Laurus is comprised of Laurus' newly-established 160,000 square foot research and development facility in Hyderabad, which already employs over 200 scientific personnel; Laurus' large-scale manufacturing plant, which is currently under construction…

Clinical Packaging and Logistics

Aptuit's comprehensive clinical packaging and logistics services feature distribution channels that can reach any country globally. Working with Aptuit gives the certainty of full service GMP-compliant procedures and the most advanced technology and equipment.

As the largest global supplier of clinical packaging and logistic services by capacity, Aptuit provides all the support needed for each phase of clinical testing. Aptuit's clinical packaging and logistics services can not only stand alone but also fit seamlessly into the entire drug development continuum.


Aptuit Informatics supports its clients with seamless, comprehensive real-time access to data throughout their drug development process, including consulting, validation, implementation, eLearning and process outsourcing services.

Aptuit's ability to offer the highest level of access at every stage of the process addresses inefficiencies and complexities that contribute to a long and expensive route to market. Aptuit Informatics' services feature our Clinicopia® suite, the world's first and most comprehensive industry-specific clinical trial supply suite. Clinicopia automates Aptuit's Clinical Packaging and Logistics services,…


Aptuit has assembled a global team of scientific and manufacturing experts to oversee an operational environment of consistent quality. At every location in Aptuit's vast network of advanced GLP/GMP laboratory and manufacturing facilities in the US, Europe and Asia, there is dedicated commitment to excellence in every step of the drug development process.

From these facilities, we have the ability to formulate a wide range of dosage forms. This ability is enhanced by the diverse production technologies that Aptuit can offer its clients. Our unique approach to the integration of preclinical and pharmaceutical development, including clinical trial manufacture and supply, sets Aptuit apart from other providers, reducing time…

Physical and Analytical Chemistry

Aptuit provides cGMP contract pharmaceutical development services to improve development outcomes and simultaneously protect intellectual property. To maximise the success of APIs and formulated products, Aptuit employs polymorph, salt, co-crystal, amorphous materials and analytical method development research.

Aptuit offers analytical method development for the isolation, identification and characterisation of proteins and other large molecules. Aptuit's method of exploring the solid-state properties of biomolecules leads to faster development and improved products as well as greater control and reproducibility. Aptuit offers well established problem solving expertise for drug substance and product development, stability, analytical…

Preclinical and Clinical Technologies

Aptuit's Preclinical and Clinical Technologies are focused on the critical steps that are essential in taking a novel compound and developing it into a safe and effective treatment. Aptuit provides the span of preclinical services required for aiding lead candidate selection in the form of efficacy pharmacology and early drug metabolism support.

Following candidate selection, Aptuit provides the services required for submission of successful regulatory filings (exploratory or standard), including toxicology studies, safety pharmacology studies and supporting bioanalytical and analytical studies. Aptuit also supports clinical trials with longer term toxicology studies, more complex drug metabolism studies and clinical bioanalytical support. Our experience enables us to support both…

Project Management

Aptuit's unique approach features centralised project management that helps navigate the process as a molecule or compound advances from inception through to clinical development.

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