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UV-VIS Spectral Analysis of DNA/RNA, Protein or Small Compounds

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DropPlate 96


The TRINEAN DropPlate 96 has been designed to be read with the DropSense 96.

This unique design resolves the following issues when measuring small droplets of liquids:

  • No evaporation during dispensing and measuring
  • Small path lengths allowing measurement of small volumes (1,5 – 2,5 µL)
  • Path length for high concentrations: 0,2mm
  • Path length for low concentrations: 1mm
  • Wide dynamic range: 2ng to 3500ng dsDNA
  • No meniscus as with microplates
  • Disposable microfluidic chip with sample 96 positions.
  • Input wells at SBS dimensions compatible with microplate pipettes and liquid handling robots
  • 16 optical windows are on one line, giving a faster positioning for the optical module.
  • DropPlates 96 are stackable and are standard barcode labeled.
  • Sample volume: 2,5 µL. If only high concentrations are to be measured 1,5 µL is sufficient to fill the first measuring cell with small path length.
  • The creation of a small under-pressure (-12 to 33 mbar) at the vent moves the sample from the meander to the first measuring cell and further to the second measuring cell.
  • Two types of DropPlate 96 are available: DropPlate 96-S (Single chamber) dynamic range: 5 to 1.200 ng/µl dsDNA and DropPlate 96-D (Double chamber) dynamic range: 5 to 3.200 ng/µl dsDNA

The DropPlate 96 is delivered in a box containing 40 plates.


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