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Mimetix® Scaffold

Electrospinning Company

The Mimetix® Scaffold is available in a variety of ready-to-use, sterile laboratory consumable formats that are compatible with industry-standard automated handling and imaging equipment.

It provides a true 3D environment for cells, yet is thin enough to allow microscopic imaging. The Mimetix® Scaffold is made from medical-grade PLLA that does not degrade or alter over the course of an experiment.

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Mimetix® provides the following benefits in 3D cell-based assays:

  • True 3D environment
  • High batch-to-batch consistency for reproducible cell-based assays
  • Ready-to-use, sterile, standard-size plates are compatible with industry-standard, automated handing and imaging equipment
  • Minimal protocol adaptation required to switch from 2D to 3D
  • Material does not degrade or alter over the course of an experiment
  • Thin scaffold provides benefits of 3D cell morphology and behaviour, yet allows microscopic imaging

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